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Another creatine question....


I haven't used creatine for about a year and a half now. I used it to add some mass before my season started and i had great success with it, and i am going to use it again this summer. Ive read that prolab creapure stuff is the best so ill use that and i saw someone posted that mixing it with grapejuice is good (let me know if theres anything better) but anyways, ill cut to the chase...when i stopped using creatine (because i dont use it during the season) i lost a HUGE percentage of the mass i had gained during my training months. Is tehre anything else i can take once i finish using creatine that will help me maintain the gains? thanks



Just use a good micronized creatine from a reputable company. There is no need to waste your money on any super creatine.

I also think you should probably read up on creatine a little more. The reason that you lost most of your gains is due to it was all water. What creatine does is flood your muscle tissue with water, along with nutrients and such. So when you stopped taking it you simply didnt hold the water you were.



Gr8one unfortunately what you lost was water weight not LBM. The creatine was allowing your body store retain water above what you normally would. Once you stopped using it your water levels dropped back to normal. This is wher people get the myth that they lost "mass" when in actuality they never had that "mass" to begin with. Make sure you're taking in enoug calories, protein, fat & carbs for your LBM. Once you get the poper percentages figured out the gains will come and they will come quickly. My suggestion to you is give $urge a try. Its helped me put on some true muscle mass. I'm up from 151 to 160 in a little over a month, at 5'7". And that was pure mass added because my BF % has gone down too. Get you're percentages and numbers down for your nutrition according to your LBM, train properly and hard, and I guarantee the results will come and come rapidly.


Keep in mind that the gains you see is water weight. So, when you stop taking it, you drop the water you were holding on to.

There was an article here a few issues ago that explained that you don't need as mcuh creatine as was once thought.


Not trying to hijack the thread or anything, but I was wondering if anyone else gets a bloated face/body while on creatine? My face seems to bloat, or hold water, when I take creatine. Is there anything that I can do about this? Thanks.


Chingon thats what it does. You cannot spot "unbloat" or spot "preventbloat".


I understand that it fills your muscles with water but does it make everyone retain subcutaneous water? It seems that it doesn't do this to everyone taking it.


It's not suppossed to. However, some people swear up and down that it does.


I definitely got "fat-face" from using creatine. I went from 147 to 178 in 11 weeks on a mass diet this past summer, consuming somewhere around 4000-4500 calories a day. The end results were horrible. I had never looked so puffy in my life.

Now I'm doing another mass phase, sans creatine. The weight is coming MUCH slower but I can tell a huge difference in the quality of the weight I'm putting on.