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Another Creatine QUestion...

I was recently at the ast site and first I must tell you how fricken annoying the website is… I couldn’t possibly find a website who tried to push their products anymore, it gets to an annoying point… My question is… I’ve read so many things about creatine… To load, not to load, some say take it with warm water, others say take it with an insulin surge, pre-workout, post workout… etc… Frankly, I’m more annoyed then anything… Whats the best way of taking it?

No loading required. Best bet is to take 3-5 grams in your pre/during workout shake and 3-5 grams in your post-workout shake. Use plain powdered creatine.

A lot of what people take/do is subjective, but here is what has worked for me pretty well. Don’t know if it is right/wrong, but I can tell a difference in my recovery and strength using this method:
I loaded 5 days with EAS’ Simply Creatine as per instruction on the cannister. I take this with Grape Juice or Ice Tea, for the sugar. Post-workout, I use Cell-Tech. Cell-Tech reccommends loading with their product, but that can get expensive. On off days, I just take one serving of the EAS Creatine. Good luck to you.