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another conspiracy?

Last week, evil(sic) marihuana was decriminalised in the united kingdom,
giving rise to faint hope that the U.K. may rise to some ration of liberal height of people-centered rationality again.

This maryjane decriminalisation was not seen fit to be in the news in the united states BY ANY MAJOR WIRE SERVICE which can be put, in other words, as a SUPPRESSION OF INFORMATION. Meanwhile, the US ‘DRUG CZAR’, launched an “the evils of marihuana” campaign THAT VERY WEEK…WEEKLONG…which an evil press ardently covered.
My opinion on the US stance with this crap is that they have imposed this prohibition because they cannot figure out a way to tax it effectively. My 2 cents. The fact that we did not hear about this in our media is par for the US course. If anybody wants to hear about this and the other stuff we don’t hear in the States…tune into the BBC shortwave…and some of the PBS affiliates run BBC news in the wee hours of the morning. It’s refreshing to hear their slant on stuff.

Not quite right about the UK decriminalizing the weed its been declassified.In other words you can get arrested for being in posession of it but you wont face such a heavy charge.For example in England Heroin and Cocaine are class A drugs which means doing time Marajuana is I believe class C which is a fine.Unless of course you try and smuggle it in.In which case you will go to prison regardless of the drug class.