Another Concerned Newb. First Cycle PIP

I’ve spent the last week scouting the boards before making this post, and I’m sure I’ll catch some shit but here it is.

I’m 33 years old, started my first cycle sept 21st.

Split 250mg test e into 2 shots for week one.
25g 1” needle.
First shot was right quad. Had some PIP set in 24 hrs later, which was expected. Next shot was left quad. very little PIP, much less than the first injection.

Week 2 I bumped up to 500mg.
Since my right quad wasn’t sore anymore I decided to injection there again, but not in the exact same spot.
Same deal as before, first 24 hrs were fine.
Then PIP started to set in like before, but much worse this time. By day 2 I couldn’t hardly walk, good 3rd of my quad was swollen, hot, red, and tender.
Got a little sick for a few hrs on day 3 (fever, nausea, light headed). Day 4 swelling started going down, no more redness. Day 5 no swelling, no redness, but I have a hard lump at the injection site. Still sore to the touch but can walk around and train no biggie. Doesn’t hurt to flex or train only painful I press on the lump.

Here we are a week later and I still have a decent sized lump on my upper quad that’s slightly sore and doesn’t seem to be changing in size. No redness or swelling at all just a hard lump.

I had my chick inject my right glute 3 days ago.
Slight PIP but nothing like the quad.
I have a lump in my glute too but it doesn’t feel anything like the one in my quad.

Dr time?

post pics if comfortable, a red, warm swelling accompanied by fever sounds like the development of an abscess, if you have an abscess, see a doctor, don’t risk the potential complications.

The redness and swelling was only for a day or two, and showed up 24 hrs after injection.

The fever was only for a few hours but I took it as “test flu” and wasn’t too concerned, especially since it only lasted a few hours.

Last 3 days I’ve had no swelling, redness,
or fever.
Just a hard lump and soreness at the injection site.
Not huge or anything, just uncomfortable from time to time.

I’ll try and post a pic but it’s kinda hard to see as the lump seems to be in the muscle. I’ll try to get a good angle on it.

So first week you did 250 twice and second week did one injection of 500?

Make sure you are cleaning the area well. Wash hands before injecting. Cleanliness is essential. I got some bunk gear once. Injected into my shoulder and it got hot, red and swelled up like a softball. Got an antibiotic quick from the doctor and it went away.

Nothing to mess around with if you’re getting fevers, hot to the touch, swelling and redness. Could be your body’s reaction if you injected 500 at once - but not sure.

First week I did 125 twice for a total of 250.
Following week I jumped up to 250 twice for a total of 500.

When I had my buddy show me how he does his quad I had very little PIP. So I’m not sure if it is the gear or I hit something and or bad technique.

The hard lump was there about 24 hrs after injection so I wasn’t sure if it could even be an abcess after that much time. My concern was the redness and swelling, but that only lasted 2 days.
Now I’m just left with a hard lump that’s sore.
It’s been 8 days since the injection the lump is not getting any bigger or smaller in size at this point.

It really only bothers me pain wise when I’m up and moving around. I can flex my quad and it doesn’t bother me too much

I have heard of people hitting a blood vessel and causing this. Check your injection site when pinning for blood by inserting needle and either pulling plunger back to test for blood or as I prefer, I simply pull the pin out a bit to see if I hit a vessel (not guaranteed this is foolproof but works for me). Do you massage the sight after pinning? I’ll rub the site with a massage ball by leaning up against a wall and pushing the old booty into it and moving around rather aggressively for a few minutes. Careful though, I put holes in the wall and now have to deal with something much worse than a sore butt (the wife). I have yet to have that level of soreness or complications. Make sure you’re using everything sterile and new and always clean top of vial (if necessary to repin test vile) and the site well! Good luck man!

Thanks brother.

I have a knot in my glute from my last shot but just feels like I got punched. Not super painful just a little sore.
Nothing like the damn quad injection, I’m guessing I hit something. I’m almost scared to hit quads again but my chick is gonna be outta town for 2 weeks, not sure I can hit my own glute.
My first week at 125mg, no knots just soreness.
When I upped it to 250mg I started getting knots.

My first cyc was awful I get really bad pip if I did glute injections I’d struggle sitting down and quads I would limp around
Area would get warm and red but no lumps, we’ll get the initial lump were the oil is sitting but after a masage the area it be fine,

I always use 2 sterile wipes befor any injection and usual inject after a show I even shave an area on my quads, I’m extra careful and not once had any infections or reasons to go doctors,
Always aspire to for glute injection,

I’ve once tried a calf injection… my got I couldn’t walk without crutches for. 3 days!!!

Bro some of us are just way more sensitive to it,
Once you have broken up that virgin tissue you will be ok :ok_hand:

Try and have at least 4 injection areas as well so you not pinning the same muscle per week


I didn’t start experiencing any pain in my glute till I upped to 500/week but even then it’s only slightly sore. Massage the crap out of it right after your shot and that should help.