Another Competition Thread

I am signed up and committed to the NANFB in Edmonds, WA a natural bodybuilding show April 28th. This is my first show, though I have always had some intention on competing eventually. I love weightlifting, bodybuilding, nutrition, and really respect the members of this website. I am really hoping to get some advice on training, eating, and posing into a competition. In this thread I’m gonna post my training, diet, and progress pics as take them.

Starting stats (3 weeks ago):

Age: 23

Height: 72 inches

Weight: 203 LBS

Body fat: 11%

Years training: Started lifting at 16, started being serious about 2 years ago.

Occupation: Group fit instructor, personal trainer, and PE teacher.

Bench: 275

Deadlift: 425 W/straps

Back squat: 335

Front squat: 215

OH standing press: 165

Push press: 225

I am going to try and upload some pictures after work tomorrow.

I am currently following a 6 day bodybuilding split

Day 1: Legs

Day 2: chest/biceps

Day 3: Triceps/Calves/Abs

Day 4: Back

Day 5: Shoulders/forearms

Day 6: rest

My jobs keep me incredibly active I teach elementary school PE part time, an hour long spin class once a week, TRX, and a bootcamp as well as taking on clients and cleaning the weight room. Due to my high activity level my only dietary change so far is just cleaning it up, doing this has taken me down 5 pounds already. I plan on losing about 2 pounds a week until I am a couple weeks away from the competition and then start playing around with glycogen and water manipulation.

Today was back day:

  1. Deadlifts: decided to go no straps today and ramped up to 385X2

  2. Pull ups widegrip: did sets until I got to 50.

  3. dumbbell rows: 80X12, 95X8, 110X6, 110X6

4/5. Lat pulldowns with handles supersetted with high rows: 11Xwhatever, I really just focused on strengthening my MMC.

My back is something of a strong point for me so it has not been my main focus.


4 eggs with VCO

1 cup Kale

450 Grams Brussel Sprouts

400 Grams Grass fed Ground beef 85/15 cooked with VCO

2 shakes each containing 400 calories: 40 PRO, 20 CHO, and 18 FAT

Put me roughly at 2800 calories: 200 PRO, 100 CHO, and ~175 FAT

I have always felt best on a high fat, moderate carb diet and usually cycle carbs based on my activity level for the day.

Current supplements:

Fish oil

I am really excited and nervous to step on stage for the first time. I have never felt so focused and driven in my training. I am open to any and all criticism and advice

roomate wanted me to work legs with him tonight, so against my better judgment I went.

stairmaster 5 min warm up

  1. Front squat: 135X6 155X6 185X5 195X3 205X1 1356

  2. 2 ft box squat: 135X19, 185X8, 225X8, 275X2, 225X9
    *performed explosively and with a wide stance.

  3. Walking goblet lunge
    55X14, 70X14, 70X14, 70X14

4/5. hamstring curl with glute buster.
WhateverX12, WhateverX15, WhateverXfailure

I have started to become a huge fan of front squatting and have been toying around with the idea of doing front squats and deadlifts for my two strength movements for the legs. On my assistance (usually last 3 exercises) work I always try to strengthen my mind muscle connection. Ever since implementing this I have been able to really contract target sections much better.

weight was also 195 today right on pace


  1. Standing OH press: 95X12, 105X10, 115X9, 125X7, 135X5, 135X5

  2. Push press: 155X5 185X5, 205X3, 205X3, 185X5

  3. Lateral raises (2/3 supersetted): 25X12-failure

4/5/6. Seated lateral raises, front raises, and rear delt raises: 20X8 for 3 sets.

  1. Farmer carries: 180 (split by 90 lb dumbbells) walk 35 yardsX4


  • I have been trying to do more middle & rear delt work the last couple months. I am starting to see great improvements in the rear but not to much in the middle. Any exercises to help bring p the mid delt besides lateral raises.

  • I’m going to try and get some pictures of poses uploaded by tonight.

Nutrition is gonna go like this today:


1 cup Kale
4 eggs fried in VCO
2 caps fish oil


Protein shake: 44 PRO, 2 FAT, 2 Carb, 5 Creatine, and 10 Glutamine.


430G Grass fed ground beef cooked in VCO
225G Brussel Sprouts
1 cup Kale


4 eggs fried in VCO
200 Grams Broccoli
2 caps fish oil

Calories: 2306
CARB: 35
FAT: 140
PRO: 218


Had a scheduled refeed this weekend, this morning weighed in at 200, by the end of the day and lots of water later i was back down to 196. Also started tanning today, first time ever experiencing a tanning salon today but was able to skate by without any physical or mental injuries.

Trained chest/biceps today

incline DB: 70X11, 80X10, 90X6, 95X4

flat DB: 80X6, 80X6, 80X8

Guillotines: 95X20 135X15 155X10, 155X10

cable flys: whatever X 11-15

DB preacher curls: 30X10 35X8, 35X8. 35X8

Rope curls: Whatever X 11-15

Weighted situps: 25X12, 25X12, 25X13, 23X15

Nutrition was on point today, the refeed was a nice break from green veggies and meat, excited to train tomorrow.

Let’s see some pics!

[quote]BlueCollarTr8n wrote:
Let’s see some pics![/quote]

Been mad busy at work, I’m going to try and get a training buddy to shoot some of my mandatory poses tomorrow, and get them posted this time tonight.


Triset 1:

incline skull crushers: 85X15, 85X15, 85X15, 85X15

seated calf raises: 90X15, 90X15, 90X15, 90X15

weighted oblique twist: 25X12, 25X12, 25X12, 25X12

Triset 2:

Tri pushdowns from cable: 75X15, 75X15, 75X15, 75X15

Seated calf raises: 140X12, 140X12, 140X12, 140X12

Windshield wipers: BwX5, BwX5, BwX5, BwX5

Set 3:

Single hand reverse grip pull downs: WhateverX12, WX12, WX12, WX12

Straight leg raises: 12, 12, 12, 12

Also had to teach an hour long spin class today.

Macros today

CHO: 40

FAT: 99

PRO: 225

Calories: 2000

really felt good today, think I am still riding the refeed.

Front bicep


Anterior leg cold


Side tri

Got pics up!!! Was kind of in a hurry at work and had no one to take them for me. I’m gonna try and talk my room mate into snapping me doing mandatories poses.

Todays training:

Box squat with 19" box: 135X12 195X12, 225X8, 275X5, 315X3

Box squat with 14" box: 135X6, 185X8, 225X5, 275X3

Bottom up squat 135X5

Deadlift: 135X10, 225X8, 315X7, 375X2

Leg curls: Whatever X12, WX12, WX12, WX12

Trap Bar deadlift: 225X10 275X7, 325X3, 275X5

Glute machine: WhateverX11, EX11, WX11, WX11

Macros today:

CHO: 37 Grams
FAT: 105 Grams
PRO: 200 Grams

Calories: 1857

Felt Excellent today in the weight room. I watched the video so you think you can squat a couple nights ago and boy did it really help me out. I have been putting a lot of my focus on bringing my lower body up and am thinking about training legs every 3 days.

Had a dream about pizza last night. Large meat lovers from papa john’s, I ate the whole damn thing then woke up and breathed a sigh of relief.

No pizza today or yesterday but have still been having food dreams, from ZMA possibly.

Yesterday’s training:

Pull ups: variation to 50

Rack pulls: 135X5, 225X5, 315X5 365X5, 405X3, 465X2

V-bar row: 135X15, 160X15, 185X12, 210X9

Kayak rows: 4 sets of 8 focusing on squeezing both sides

Kayak pull downs: 4 sets focusing on squeezing both sides

rear delt fly’s: 4 sets of 12

seated OH pin press from chest: 155X5X5

Also yesterdays macros:

CHO: 32 Grams
PRO: 225
FAT: 99

Calories: 1957

I’m sorry but you aren’t 11% BF. You do have plenty of time to cut fat so I guess good luck on your journey!

He’d probably look leaner if he shaved…

[quote]ronaldo7 wrote:
I’m sorry but you aren’t 11% BF. You do have plenty of time to cut fat so I guess good luck on your journey![/quote]

I did’nt really think so either. It is based off a 3 site caliper test and bioelectrical impedance. Not really worried about it to much as long as I keep progressing I wil make it to lean enough levels in time.