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Another Clueless Newbie


Hi Forum,
My name is Alexandre, I am 19 years old and I weigh 180lbs (6'3").
Now I can imagine that you receive way to many annoying posts asking things that you've probably been repeating over and over, and if you don't have time to reply to this I totally understand, but I've been pretty stressed about what to do with my physique, I've been literally searching on the site for weeks, and I cannot find a suitable program/diet for myself.

When I look in the mirror, I have no clue wether I'm skinny or fat, I feel I'm a combination of both lol, and if this is the case, how can I fit myself in one specific program&diet (&supplements)? I mean if I was overweight, I'd simply go on a fat-loss program, and if I was too skinny I'd go on a mass-gaining program, I would just eat a LOT and PUSH myself like crazy at the gym. The problem is I don't want to get skinnier, nor do I want to be to fat. What I'm looking for is a program that will able me to lower my bf percentage, WHILE gaining muscle... it seems like the only possible way of doing so is gaining, AND THEN cutting.

I included a picture, it's me a couple days ago:
For now I want to gain 5-10lb while lowering my bf rate to under 10%
If you had these goals, with the body seen in the picture, what would you do?
I would appreciate it so much if you can get back to me on this, I feel like the only thing holding me back from the physique I want is the lack of knowledge.

Thanks a lot for your time


Ok noob. This is what we are going to do.
Dont worry too much about your physique yet. 1st Im going to make you strong. Then in 3 months we will re-assess.
This is what Im going to get you to do:
Monday: dB bench(8 x 3), dB incline(8 x 3), superset dips and pushups, flyes(12 x 3)
Wednesday: deadlifts(5 x 5), dB rows(8 x 3), chinups(5 x 5), facepulls(12 x 3)
Friday: Squats(5 x 5), walking dB lunges(12 x 3), suprset leg press and leg extensions.
Sunday; 10 sets of 100m sprints.

Ill need you to look up DeFrancos 8 to work on you mobility before EVERY training session and on off days.
You will eat 5-6 meals a day with every meal consisting of a source of protein. Dont get too caught up in the numbers. I also want you to drink a litre of milk everyday!
Make sure you sleep 9 hours a night.
Now stop reading this and get to work! Bird-style.
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dude, youre neither skinny or fat - just non muscular. if you lowered your BF to below 10% even after gaining 10lbs of mass, you would skinny, not 'ripped' or anything.
If i was in your situation, i would bulk WHILE doing starting Strength 5x5 for a couple of months to learn movement patterns and prepare my body for serious weight training. then i would do a traditional bodybuilder split.
there are loads of beginner articles and stickies AT THE TOP OF THIS FORUM PAGE for people just like you



plus, try to find someone to teach you the lifts


i disagree with the bird, but there are many ways of achieving this OP.


You should probably just go ahead and try that.


You are skinny.

Eat a ton (4,000 calories at leat and 1 gallon water each day) and lift heavy and hard at least 3x per week.

If you do that, you will see a huge difference in 2 months. But if you are like 70% of youngsters, you probably will not eat enough. Then your excuse will be that you will get too fat. Then we will argue about that.....then you will end up doing what keeps you skinny with abz.......

Let's hope you lose the fear of too fat too skinny.

Don't look in the mirror, just lift, weigh yourself each week


Awesome, thanks a lot for the replies everyone, I wasn't expecting anyone to reply, so this is great.

I guess I'll have to boost up my caloric intake (Rockstar nailed it, I don't like eating to much) and find a good strength program.


Huh, well I guess I'll boost up my caloric intake (Rockstar nailed it, I've been slightly restricting my carb amounts) and then find a suitable strengh program.
Thanks for the replies everyone.


yay! a new guy who aint afraid to push it! good luck mate