Another Christmas Present for ATP, Enjoy

The latest HIT Business podcast with Bill DeSimone, where he outlines his views on exercise, for those of us just interested in general health.
It combines HIT influences with mainstream thinking.
Marc…never say that I’m not generous…


I heard it thru the grapevine
“Crow tastes good mixed with cardio stew”

Sad thing,
Lawrence Neal is biased against cardiovascular conditioning, and quite frankly doesn’t possess enough knowledge about such activity to even ask pertinent questions.

Also, Mr. DeSimone did an extremely poor job explaining anything of note regarding cardiovascular conditioning.

Where is Dr. Kenneth Jay when he is needed?

Wow…aren’t you the hyper critical one. I give you a podcast where someone who supports your view, states reasons why…and someone who has previously been against your view, states that they have changed their minds ( openly, with no reservations) and details why they have done so.
Yet you are still not happy…because it wasn’t done in the manner to which you approve of.
Let’s be clear here…Bill has stated numerous times ( and also in this podcast) that he is NOT an exercise scientist, but just a personal trainer. Lawrence doesn’t have a scientist background either, but is asking questions and trying to get information that the layperson can understand and utilise.
This, from my perspective is a good thing. As it makes the views expressed relatable to those of us without a deep scientific understanding. Also views are expressed which are more “practical”, which a scientific study wouldn’t even address.
Just be glad for once and stop looking to tear things down…

Merry christmas everyone! :smile:

Maybe you stop kissing ATPs ass. He has stated many times he isnt here to make friends, that he thinks he is the most hated person on the HIT board. Kind gestures have been met with much gnashing of teeth, growls, and barking. It is almost like you can hear the echoes of “Bah Humbug”. Best thing you can do is laugh, because it is the same arguments over and over, year after year. After a bit, you can predict his responses with astounding accuracy.

On a related note, please stop posting these shit videos that have nothing to do with HIT and you never ask questions of Dr. Darden when you post them. There are plenty of other places within T nation forums that you can post this if you choose to persist with it.

End of rant. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone.

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I spoke the truth!

If you are going to discuss a topic on a podcast, the least one can do is to prepare. Does anyone think Mr. Neal was prepared to discuss cardiovascular conditioning? A trainer (DeSimone) knowing questions about cardiovascular conditioning were forthcoming might prepare also, and quit with the “and uhs.”

Also, there has been zero questions about Global Metabolic Conditioning being touted as a be all end all of conditioning due to one tidbit of information about pyruvate entry into the Kreb’s cycle. Narrow minded?

Where is Kenneth Jay when he is needed?

Firstly… uncalled for… kissing arse… hardly. I do however agree that cardio is needed.
Secondly the subject matter does pertain to HIT as you would know if you’d watched the video. It is a counter argument to those HIT purists who insist that cardio isn’t necessary and / or negative. Dr Darden even gets a mention in the video.
Thirdly, it’s not for you to tell me what to post or not. If I want to post videos like this, or similar subject matter then I will…

It’s no wonder that you have and still do ( old forum, this forum) rub people up the wrong way…just sayin’…

Cardiovascular conditioning can improve results from HiT!

Dr Darden’s newest book contains a chapter
“Eat a Meal, Walk a Mile”
Done Daily

Anti-cardio zealots, deal with it!

Please recall that it is not me who is making erroneous claims that cardio doesn’t work or even exist! I am simply challenging this erroneous view, and have the moral high ground here!

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Walking after the evening meal is not new with Dr. Darden…he wrote about it in his earlier books

Sgg thanks for the good words. Sounds like you pay attention to the words in a podcast. I think there is another one or two in the pipeline coming from Lawrence and me. Glad you find them interesting.


And the opposite seem to have some truth also. I found this article in support of my own observations, that I felt powerlifting/powerbuilding still provided me with a feeling of better aerobic performance.

To be honest, I also read a review article that stated mixed opinions about this when looking at several different studies. And - This study is small and only proved what the researchers wanted to achieve.

But, it’s still thought provoking, and may result in @atp_4_me losing his calm temper.

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This supports the need for proper cardiovascular conditioning, as Dr. Kenneth Jay lays out in his book “Cardio Code.”

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