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Another change request: Thread titles >= 15 characters


When I edit a post in thread “Thyroid Basics”, I can’t save the changes because of the 15 character restriction. Now the Topic Title is “Thyroid Basics 1234”

Do we need this restriction at all?


Forcing folks away from titles like “help” is a good thing but typically they just change it to “I really, really need help!”


[quote=“KSman, post:1, topic:213555”]
Now the Topic Title is “Thyroid Basics 1234”[/quote]
Yeah, no, that’s not gonna fly. Nonsense fillers like that (or the random “+” you threw in instead) will not be accepted.

A thread title is, ideally, a very brief summary of the topic being discussed/explained. It’s not a vague/unrelated attention grab or an overly generalized statement that may or may not clue people in to the thread’s content before opening it.

Yes. As mentioned in another thread, it’s an extremely simple step that takes minimal effort and improves forum quality/readability. Nobody wants to wade through a dozen threads each titled “Squat question”, “Diet for abs”, or “TRT labwork.”


So “My TRT labwork” improve the quality of the forum?

When one is forced to change the title of a thread/topic during a edit, links to the thread do not quite match anymore.

I think that existing titles should be grandfathered and changes during edits not forced.


I do like “Thyroid Basics Explained”


All due respect, you seem to think a lot of changes should be made to the forum that will not be made.

We appreciate what you’re trying to do with the suggestions and with what you try to do with advice in the forums, but please do understand that the forum layout and the mechanics of operation aren’t going to change any time soon, if at all.

The site was designed with intention and it is what it is, and it’s absolutely workable. If, capital I, if we decide to tweak things or make further refinements, it won’t be after less than a week of being up and running.


I am trying to help and identify issues.

Things worked very well in the TRT forum and we had 7 stickies and guys voted in thread for these threads to be stickies. Now its like a book with the table of contents torn out. When the stickies lost their icons, then had a problem where most new guys did not read the stickies because they could not see them.

I am sorry that my standards conflict with yours. You will not find anyone here more dedicated to forum quality than me. The idea that a forum does not need stickies seems rather odd to me.

Yes, I understand that you have many other issues to deal with. Sorry if I am pissing you off.


Why even have a place to comment on the changes then. Just put up a post that says “We don’t care if you like the changes to the forum or not. It is going to stay the way it is.”

The reality is the overwhelming majority of people don’t like the changes that have been made. We will either get used to them or spend less time on the site. I have chosen to spend less time on the site. No big deal to me, no big deal to you.

If product sales stay steady or rise no changes will be made. If product sales lag considerably I’m willing to bet user input will be taken more seriously.


[quote=“KSman, post:8, topic:213555”]
I am trying to help and identify issues.
I am sorry that my standards conflict with yours.[/quote]
I don’t think it’s so much about standards as it is expectations. Pointing out technical issues that aren’t functioning (like the misplaced links or the post formatting) is very helpful and is something we can get the guys to fix quickly.

But pointing out “issues” that are more about formatting or individual preference than function (background color, character minimums, or stickies), you need to understand that those kinds of decisions were already made before they were implemented and changing them isn’t an instant or guaranteed fix.

I get that, seriously. You took the TRT forum under your wing kinda like I took Beginners under my wing a while back. That level of forum interaction and care is great to see.

You’re not, no worries. You’re just coming of a bit… enthusiastic… about “correcting” some things that don’t need to be corrected. I just wanted to bring some perspective back regarding things that can/can’t/should/shouldn’t get attention or get “fixed.”


[quote=“DBasler, post:9, topic:213555”]
Just put up a post that says “We don’t care if you like the changes to the forum or not. It is going to stay the way it is.”[/quote]
That’s definitely not what I said and definitely not what I meant to say. The gist of what I was getting at is… the site went live late Wednesday morning. Before it went live, it was designed, laid out, tested, and setup with certain features. Changing those features before they’ve been through barely over 100 hours of use would be premature, unnecessary, would dismiss the work that went into it.

I understand where you’re coming from, but that statement is objectively and measurably incorrect.

Not true. Forum members participating less is a big deal, and it has nothing to do with them being customers or not. I still believe that, if you choose to continue participating, you’ll get more comfortable with the new setup.


Fair enough that certainly isn’t how I read the post I quoted so I appreciate the clarification.

Without significant changes being made to the current format I believe you are going to see substantial decreases in traffic in the forums. It appears you would disagree with my assessment. Time will tell.