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Another Celebrity Endorses Crossfit

I was flipping through Fangoria over the weekend and there was an interview with Derek Mears, the actor/stuntman playing Jason in the Friday the 13th remake.

In the interview, Mears said:

“The new Jason is more functional than bulky, kind of a leaner model, so I said all right and started doing what’s called cross-fit training, so I’d look like a guy who got fit from living in the woods.”

See guys, whether you want to look like a Spartan warrior or a homicidal maniac, Crossfit can get you there. :wink:

In any case, I’m still seeing this when it comes out.

The 6’5" Mears, on the right, with his Friday the 13th co-stars.

Side note: Jared Padalecki is listed as 6’4" and recently worked with powerlifiting beast Scot Mendelson to put on 35 pounds.

So, “Jason” does CrossFit, and the teen heart throb from the WB/CW is working out with Mendelson.

I just don’t know what to think anymore…