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Another Case of Rhabdo




I can't imagine how 60 or 100 pushups could possibly cause the extent of rhabdomyolysis bad enough to affect the kidneys of an otherwise healthy 13 year old boy.


^ That was my thought also.


Sports and music have been cut from lots of the middle school curriculum across the nation. Sports and music have become more or less the parent's responsibility now, not the school's. When my kids were in middle school, they played on town teams sponsored by local businesses, since there were no school teams. It was a priority for me that my children learn about competition and sportsmanship. Guess it's not a priority for some parents anymore.


^ Well in Texas sports are king, Football, Baseball, Basketball and Track are big events. However the kids who dont play those are what is being left behind in the arena of fitness. I agree on the music and fine arts also, I think a lot of this of course also comes down to funding.


The next generation.


The kid chose push ups instead of detention, I would've loved to have been able to make that choice.


When I was in school we could choose between detention and corporal punishment, I always took the paddle.


That wasn't punishment. You liked it too much.


Thats sounds like Hypertrophy to me!


Yo Mamma Hahahahahaha


My thoughts exactly.



Clearly the kid was setup, someone that can't do 60 pushups without going to the hospital would never run anywhere.


There are a number of reasons why this kid could have had Rhabdo, none of which are the school's fault. It could have easily been from infection, drugs, dehydration, etc... if it was really from an enzyme deficiency that this kid inherited from birth, neither the mother nor the school seemed to know about it, so who is to blame?

Nobody. Hopefully this mother's misplaced anger doesn't ruin physical education in schools anymore than it already has been.


You don't get rhabdo from a few pushups. It sucks that it happened, but there's got to be something more going on, like Mr. Popular mentioned.


When I get rhabdo, it feels like I am cumming day and night!