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Another Bush Brainchild


As I was reading the news yesterday, I couldn't help but be forced to read the latest Bush insight on immigration. This man, this Republican has suggested that we need yet another government bureaucracy to deal with the burgeoning illegal immigration crisis. Please note the sarcasm with burgeoning and crisis.

This is a simple exercise in fear pandering. The "I got mine, and you can't have any" mentality that is pervasive throughout American society. To combat this, we're going to put National Guard forces along the border, apparently to shoot to kill anyone that attempts to cross.

Here's a thought: make it easy for people to come into the country. Show immigrants that we would like their help in making this country greater than ever before. Give them a vested interest in our economy. Make human trafficking obsolete. Make the process somewhat akin to rent-to-own.

But no. My good old President wishes to create an Office of Citizenry within the Department of Homeland Security. As if more government is the answer?!?

Bush is a traitor to the Republican Party. Yes, I said it. He is banished from the Shinig City on a Hill; the beacon of Democracy; the land of equal opportunity.

When I read this, the first thing I thought of was "Office of Mutant Registration." Which is not a far shot from the Jews going through their own pogrom. Remember that whole "fiasco?"

The second thing I read was, and I quote "help people assimilate into our country," which is what this new bureaucracy is to help facilitate. The first thing I thought of was the Borg. Great. America wants to assimilate everyone. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

Clearly, Bush has lost his mind. Though I've only been cognizant of politics since 1981, this President has loused things up more than I can remember any other.


Since DHS has been such a raging success, I'm sure this new immigration bureaucracy is going to work wonders...


Yea, all those attacks on America sure have soured me on the DHS. So by what measure WOULD you consider the DHS a success? Or is it screwed regardless, kind of like whatever Bush does, says or thinks?


I'm sure GDollars can speak for himself, but I take issue with the idea of DHS being anything near valuable.

-Would 'all those attacks' have been deterred w/o DHS? IMO since the FBI, NSA, INS, USCG, TSA, Secret Service, and CIA are the ones doing the deterring, Yes. I could be wrong, it's hard to determine who prevented attacks that didn't happen. Especially with an agency that is de facto responsible whether it did anything or not (A good sign of needless bureaucracy).

-The US not being attacked is your justification for billions to support the largest expansion of our Federal Government since Eisenhower? If so, the Department of Extraterrestrial Defense and the Superluminal Transportation Administration should be phenomenal successes by your standards (and they'd cost less).

-The DHS is an inherent failure. Any bureaucracy that consumes money and produces no discernable product or service (and arguably inhibits the production of them) is a failure IMO. It's laughable to think that the intelligence service(s) that bested the KGB has trouble communicating with each other.

IMO, Bush isn't a screw up, DHS is.


If I am not mistaken, it was the left crying for some sort of gov't program to handle everything before Bush came up with the DHS.

It was the left's idea, and now they want to blame Bush.


well, the color-coded alert system is an advancement in security the likes of which no other country has ever seen.

but, though the country has ample reserves of duct tape, the system fails by not having anywhere near enough colored plastic sheeting to keep our windows and doors sealed w/ the color corresponding to the current level of alert. in fact, a shocking 85% of consumer available plastic in this country is clear or black. sure, the government says the clear is the way to go, unless you're barry bonds, what they don't mention, however, are the tax-payer funded costs of continual repainting. an achilles heel ? i'd say so. and the terrorists know it.


Oh FFS, so now when things you don't like happen under the Bush Banner you just blame the liberals anyway?

Get real. Bush hasn't been blowing kisses to the left during his reign at any point. The fact he's gone and created a government monstrosity is on his shoulders alone.


The lack of attacks on American soil is attributable to a ton of stuff (Afghanistan, Iraq, neutralization of Al Qaeda leadership, closer targets in Britain and continental Europe, the fact that Al Qaeda thinks long-term in a way that's almost incomprehensible to the West). DHS is way, way down that list.

It's an additional, useless layer of bureaucracy that was largely created to be used as an electoral club against the Democrats (much like the prescription drug benefit, a handout to people who don't need it, that was the first major new entitlement program since LBJ and was as blatantly political as the revived gay marriage amendment).


I want to reply, but the chick on the left won't let me.

I think she wants me.


Sounds like an opinion. Look, I'm not saying its right or wrong one way or the other. My point is the "Bush is fucked no matter what he does" mentality of people. If he didn't create the DHS people would be bashing him for that. If there were attacks we'd be hearing what a colossul failure it was. If there are not attacks it couldn't possibly be because this idea worked. It must be a million other factors. Jesus Christ, give it a rest. We get it, you don't like Bush. He'll be gone soon. Maybe you democrats could come up with some ideas between now and then, cause I don't think, "Bush is wrong" is gonna cut it this time around as a campaign slogan. And lets not forget that the major export, ala George Carlin, of both parties is indeed BULLSHIT. Pick your favorite pile.


There ya go. Great Post. It gave the bullshit all the credit it deserved. I doff my chapeau to you sir.


They both are bullshit. In my opinion.