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Another Bulking??

First off, to anyone who replied to my previous post concerning Cellmass and NO Xplode - Thank you. The only supplements I am currently taking are desiccated liver tabs and Animal Pak. Don’t know if it’s mental or physical, but since I started using the liver tabs, my endurance and overall energy level seem to have improved.

Here are the contents of my snack bag that goes everywhere with me. Please review and comment, add suggestions, etc.

Walnuts, dates, almonds, dried banana chips, dried apricots, and organic granola. I graze on this throughout the day so that I never reach the point of feeling hunger.

Lastly, I am 5’6 120 and 30 years old. As you might have guessed, my metabolism is wicked fast. I don’t give a damn about gaining body fat - truth be known, I could use some. Do any of you guys advocate getting up in the middle of the night to ingest additional protein (cottage cheese, a protein shake, etc.)? I have a good protein meal about 45 minutes before bedtime (custom blend of 50% casein, 25% WPI, 25% organic whole egg). Is this enough or do I need to have the extra protein? Thanks for the help.

My personnal opinion is that a good uninterrupted nights sleep is better, if youre getting enough food during the day youre fine. Although I do believe that a lot of hardcore/pro bb’ers get up during the night but its not for me.

I snack on walnuts and apples during the day, glad Im not the only one who brings a snack bag to work!!

120lbs and your not scared of fat gain? hell yeah you should have a midnight protein shake. i would only suggest NOT setting an alarm, but having a tall glass of water prior to bed to ensure you will be urinating in the middle of the night.

gotta get sWOLL