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Another Bulking Help Thread

This diet got me from 165-175lbs in the past 4 months but the last month or so my weight has stalled. Just wondering what to add/where.

Meal 1 - 5 eggs, can of tuna, veggies, apple 20/30/65 CFP
Preworkout - 100g oats, 20g coconut oil, Whey 70/25/25 CFP
During Workout - 10g BCAA, 40g Karbolyn 40/0/10 C/F/P
Post Workout - 250g white fish, 100g white rice, honey, veg 100/7/50 CFP
Dinner - 250g lean steak, 350g sweet potato, 30g PB, veg 50/25/65 CFP
Before Bed - 2 scoops casein protein, 20g dark chocolate, 3 rice cakes, 45g PB 35/35/60 CFP

Total - 3600 kcal, 290C, 130F, 300P + a bunch of veggies

Thinking of dropping the apple at breakfast and adding 100g oats or something?

Just adding a few peanuts post WO is an idea, or just adding 50 gr oats. Also maybe a week off could benefit. It seems, sofar so good. All the best !

Add more fat. another TBSP of coconut oil and maybe a TBSP or 2 of EVOO.

More fats? Cool.

I’ll double up on the PreWorkout VCO and add another 10g PB and 100g Potato to dinner :).