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Another BS Steroid Story

Stay tuned tommorrow night fellow T-maggers…FOX NEWS is doing some kind of steroid feature tommorrow night; sure to be full of BS and complete mis/disinformation. Don’t ya love when mainstream media gets in on the roid issue?

I suppose we have to expect this sort of “journalism” every four years when awaiting the starting of the Olympic games.

It’s really unfortunate the amount of misinformation and mistruths that go into these steriod “reports.”

Why doesn’t the media attack all the “6 minute abs of steel on the total body gazelle bowflex buy your house with no money down” infomercials on every night.

Spray-on hair should be a schedule III drug.

[quote]malonetd wrote:
Spray-on hair should be a schedule III drug.[/quote]


hopefully this will convince people that fox news and those who report for it have never had nor ever will gain any sort of credibility.

Come on, I’m not exactly conservative or a huge fan of Fox News; but to be fair all media groups seem to “report” the same story on steroids.

It’s just the ignorance of the masses.

At least they did have the guy on there trying to dispell some of the so-called horror of steroids.

Gee, if you think that is bad how about all the mis/disinformation we are handed everyday by the corporate media on things that are far more important?

I have to agree that steroids get a bad rap. For that matter, supplements in general get a bad rap. It AMAZES me that over 300,000 people a year die by tobacco, but they don’t make it illegal. Two or three people mis-use ephedra (that’s what labels are for) and croak, and all the politicians line up to ban it so they can take credit for it and pat themselves on the back. If they want to impress me, go after the big killers! Jeez, along their logic we should ban cars because many people have died from mis-use of a car too.

So? What was the run down? I didn’t catch the show.