Another book question

Is anyone aware of any collection of books that covers all the Bulgarian methods, similar to Sportivny Press’s Russian Library?

Does anyone even know what I’m talking about?

I know what you’re talking about but unfortunately have yet to see anything about bulgarian training of Weightlifters (I assume this is what you’re talking about)If you do a search for their head coaches name I think it’s abdjiyev or something you get some articles. but nothing really substancial. Iron mind has a video of Bulgarian weightlifters getting ready for the world championships. This is a really cool video and has some fantastic weightlifting in it but doesn’t really give much info in terms of how they periodize their training. Mel siff makes brief reference to the bulgarian periodization model in Supertraining as does Dreschler in the Weighlifting Encylopedia. So far as an entire book or series, there’s nothing out there to my knowledge. If anyone knows otherwise, chim in.

I’m with Yo, I know exactly what your talking about, I just don’t of any Bulgarian resources, I wish I did.

OK thanks guys. I’ve read Dreschler’s Encyclopedia, but he doesn’t give a very thorough treatment of the subject. Maybe that’s all there is though, the Bulgarian method isn’t nearly as complicated as the russian method.

not sure why you would want to train Bulgarian. If you do, you can’t have a job and must be a full time OLer