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Another Bone to be Picked At


Here's another bone for everybody to pick over. My cousin is in the navy at the moment and he stands 5 foot 4 weighing in at a soild 170. his competition lifts last week were 320 in the bench despite short arms, a 405 for squat and 495 for deadlift. this is the program he uses:

Squat WU 4X8-10
DB Lunges 3X8
Leg Ext. 4X12
Leg Curl 4X8
DB Rows 3X10
BB Curls 3X8-10
Concentration Curl 2X12

Bench Press WU 2X8, 3X5
HVY DB Flyes 3X10-12
Inverted Push-ups 3X15-25 (feet up on bench)
Shld Press 3X8
Upright Rows 3X10
Hammer Curls 3X12

Bulgarian DL WU 3X10-12 (this is a partial DL. Bring bar to middle of shin and come up)
Lat Pulls 4X8-10
DB Deadlifts 2X15
V-Pulls 3X8
Tricep Press 4X8

Sissy Squats 3X15
Leg Press 3X10-12
DB Bench WU 5X5
Incline DB Press 3X10
DB Curls 3X8-10
EZ Curls 4X7

This is the second program and he goes heavier than the previous week's program.
Before each workout run/cardio at least 10 minutes. Work abs everyday after workout. If feeling good through in some pushups as well.
Bench- on the 2x5 set rep until failure.
Bench press 3x8-12 and 2x5
Incline bench press 3x10-12
HVY DB flyâ??s 3x10-15
DB pullovers 3x12-15
Skull crusherâ??s 3x10-12/last set to failure
DB Curlz 3x15/last set to failure

Squat-2x8-10, 3x5 (last set on squat rep until failure)
DB Lunges 3x12 ea leg
Leg curl- 3x10-15
Leg extn-3x12-15
Calf rises- 3x25/last set to failure

Dead lift- 2x8-10, 3x5-10/last set to failure
Front squats-3x15-20
Shoulder shrugs 3x10-15
Shoulder circuit 3x10-12/ front/lateral/
Lying rack pull 3x12-15 last set to failure
Hammer curlz 3x10-15
c-curlz 3x10/last set to failure

Decline bench 3x12-15
Close grip bench 3x10-failure
Military press 3x10-12
Shoulder circuit 3x10-15 front/lat
Bent over rows 3x10-12
Upright rows 3x10-15
Reverse curlz/forearm 3x10-15
Pyramid max weight down to smallest-2xâ??s

ABS- Sit-ups, crunches, side crunches, side bends, roman candles, medicine ball workouts, bench sit-up, rocky sit-ups, leg lifts/flutters

Pushups- regular push-ups, close push-ups, wide pus-ups, inverted push-ups, hand stand push-ups, weighted push-ups
Pull-ups- Arms away, arms facing, close grip, wide grip, half pull-ups, towel grip pull-ups

Now I'm not going to touch the programs themselves but how should I mess with the days schedule wise and not bodypart order wise to keep from over working and straining and ultimately losing more in the end than I gain?

Much appreciated if any of the editors could give this a lookover and toss me some pointers.
P.S. My cousin is the one in the middle in the picture and this was a few months before the competition when his ship docked in dubai for a few days


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you said your cuz is in the navy? sorry to hear that






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I was expecting some jokes on this but not to this degree. It's safe to assume that most of you are older than me at 19 yet you act like nothing but that annoying kid in school who thinks he's the greatest thing since sliced bread. and really now holy?

military is military, each branch serves a purpose, just because they aren't on the frontline where you are doesn't mean they don't work just as hard if not harder in the air or on the sea. the mods can kill this posting for all I care if all I'm going to get for responses are things I'd expect from a sophomore in highschool who's far too cocky for his own good.


This workout looks retarded. It looks all over the place, with random exercises thrown in.

Curls almost everyday.
Deadlifts AND Front Squats following the back squat workout
Benching on Friday and Saturday...wtf? As well as shoulders on Wednesday.
Too much volume too for my liking.

At the least, make it an upper/lower split and rotate. So maybe do upper, day off, lower, day off and repeat.


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you cousin is strong, how old is and how long has he been training


Military is NOT military. Here is the hierarchy:

1)Marines <2)Coast Guard <3)Air Force <4)Army <5)Navy <

Just my experience.

(ps: it's all jokes before anybody gets their panties in a twist!)



coast guard isn't DOD anymore FYI.

to the OP - ok i'm sorry, you're right. i apologize.

to your cousin....yeah he's pretty strong, but what's with the navy? i guess he just can't get enough seamen, can he?

sorry, i can't help it.