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Another Birthday Thread - Miss Parker


She may not have many posts but she's sexy as hell and it's her birthday today!

All the best Parker.

[edit] And she's in training to become a Krav instructor so if you don't wish her happy birthday she'll kick your ass :wink:

[edit2] She can try kicking my ass any time.


Happy B-Day Miss Parker (Who's Miss Parker??)

And holy crap, Renton has a face! And its not Ewan McGregor!


Yes, Miss Parker is a very cool chica and it is a pleasure to have her around these parts.

Happy Birthday!


Tell the truth - you copy and pasted "Ewan McGregor" didn't you?


Happy Birthday Miss Lady.


And you don't have an avatar! WTF!

Happy Birthday, Miss Parker!

EDIT: You just added an avatar.


happy birthday miss parker


Yeah, I know, I cried a little bit too.

Happy birthday, Miss P!


Happy birthday, Parker! Glad you're back posting.


Wait - what?


think it must be 'cause Ewan's Scottish mate, everyone knows Scottish guys rule!


You know I love Ewan.


And I love Renton!

You are sweet and I adore you. Thanks for all y'all's sweet wishes, I really missed this place a lot while my computer was in the hospital.

Kisses -


Happy birthday!


Brief derail- Renton, I think your picture is much better now.

Back on track- Happy birthday Miss Parker!!


Happy Birthday to my Smackdown teammate!


Thanks, y'all! And don't mess with me & OG!!

I had such a great day, and y'all were the beautiful bow on the package.


Hiya sweetie!

What do you get for a b'day treat? Carrot cake? Angel food? You are what you eat... so it must be the Angel food. ;o)


Happy Birthday! Renee


Happy birthday!