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Another Big C


We just got the reply from the scans of my son's second bout with Ewing's sarcoma bone cancer, this time in the lungs. The first one had shown no response to the chemo, after a change in protocol, the second showed a partial response, and now the third...

does not show any tumour activity. The professor believes it may be likely to be dead but we will go through a few more chemo sessions to be sure and then surgically remove the tumour and do a biopsy.

Did you know that Champagne at ten in the morning is wonderful?




I wish you and your son all the best, I hope it all works out well!


Hey there.

Im glad to hear the good news! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed. Champagne at 10 is the way to go :smiley:

Stay strong and all the best.


I will think very good thoughts for your son. I lost my husband to esophageal cancer two years ago, so I am filled with glee whenever I hear of anyone getting the upper hand with the dreaded C.

Add a little oj to that champagne and you're all set. They serve Mimosas at all the best spas and resorts, after all!




Champagne's good no matter what time it is.


I don't know you or your son, obviously, but I very sincerely wish you the best of luck in this battle. Enjoy the champagne :).



I got a bit choked up with joy reading this! Reminds me of when my younger brother was clear after battling cancer as a teen.

All the best to you and your son!


This is good news right? I can't imagine the ordeal your son and you have been through.

Stay strong


Best of luck brother


A hearty hoist of an imaginary champagne glass to you. I'd love to share something stronger, but I'm at work. Continuing good luck to you and your son.



Kick its ass.


I'm always shit when it comes to saying stuff in situations like this, but I'm sure as shit glad to hear things are looking positive!


If there was ever something to pop open the champagne about, that would be it.

My best wishes to you and your family.


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I wish your family the best.


Here's to the next C being found in viCtory.

Best to you and your son dude.


Update. Still on track but following surgery (intended next week), he will have to go through a stem cell transplant (same stuff as Alwyn did), 4-6 weeks in isolation ward and then spend the summer away from everybody. Thank God he is tough.




How old is your son?


Turning 17 on 14 July and the bravest person I have ever known (possibly excepting the Australian policeman I saw walk into a minefield to fetch a blown up farmer)


Best wishes...