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Another Bicep thread

Alright, I have been reading all the different ideas on gaining upper arm size, and I am taking in all the info. So now I am thinking… My biceps have always been my weak spot. I have long skinny biceps and over the 9 years I have tried many routines for arms. I am in phase 3 of Ian King’s Great Guns routine and I have put about 1/4" in only 2 months, which after 9 years is not too shabby. But for some reason Goldberg’s post kept me thinking. He said he stopped doing curls as a result of an injury to his wrist. So by trial and error his arms grew. So now I am thinking about cutting my arms days in half. I train each bodypart once a week, other than the great guns workout I am doing for another 4 weeks. When I am done with that I am only going to train arms every other week. I am not going to ditch training them all together, since I really enjoy training them, but I will get rid of 2 of the 4 arms days per month and see how that pans out. Then I will let you all know how it is going. I will be the test subject. However for those who are for direct arm work, Ian’s program is a BEAST!!! My arms hurt like they have not in some time. Thanks for the idea’s all T-Bubba’s and T-Bubbette’s!!!