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Another Best Damn Question


Hey coach, i like this program, and would like to use it on a fat loss phase. my questions are:
with what exercises to substitute these ones: front squat( cant do it because the barbell sits between my biceps and shoulder, so with big weights i cant hold arms up), glute ham raise or reverse hyper( cause i dont have access to one). and my last question is would you do cardio, like carries, rope skipping complexes, stationary bike sprints, and if so how would you incorporate them in this regimen?
thanx in advance


Frankenstein squats

That’s from deadstart but you can do them like a regular squat (not from the bottom)

YES you will use less weight at first, but it is amazingly effective to improve squatting form and makes it a pure leg exercise because you can’t compensate with the lower back (by bending forward)


Cable pull-through or back extension


Carries, prowler pushing can be done at the end of the workouts

Actual cardio (anything done without weights) can be done but on a separate session, or ideally a separate day


thanx so much