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Another Beginner Question


Hi all,

I’ve been running the 3 day beginner template for almost 18 months now with great success. My 21 year old daughter has decided that she wants to start strength training as well and I truly believe that the beginner template is a great place to start. I would be grateful for any feedback on the best way to determine her training maxes considering that she has never done any barbell training prior to this.

Thanks in advance.


Check Jim’s website for the article about introducing a friend to training


Santos de Muerte is correct - check out the article about introducing someone to lifting. It is a methodical approach designed to help people to help others who are kind of “lost” in regards to what to do. This is not for the gung-ho lifter but even then, it’d be nice if some people followed a basic year-long plan instead of getting sidelined by all the noise in the industry.

There is really no excuse anymore to fuck up your training these days, but I’ll take the era when I learned about lifting over today’s. In a results based industry it seems an expert need not have results to prove his worth.


Thanks guys. That’s a great article.