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Another Beginner! HELP!!

I’ve decided that I want to build some strength, I’ve been doing research for the last hour and half but finding stuff is still quite the task. I’m 6’, almost 18 and 125lbs and want to get stronger.

Now so far i figured out that i would do 3 workouts a week, tuesday thursday and sundays. That sounds good. I will have to eat lots, and healthy, I will read even more on that unless someone wants to point me in a direction or tell me exactly what to do.

Now for workouts what should I be looking at, im still a little confused about this sets, and reps thing. Could anyone just give me some general info or links?

It begins here… http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=640350

Good luck!

You sound like me when I was 14. You’ve got a long road ahead. Your plan sounds good. Stick with it is the only advice I can give. Try to learn the olympic lifts, too. Compound movements, deadlifts, rows, all very good. Also, don’t post a pic for a long time.

Listen to Beatles records backwards. Now.

For training, the Bill Starr 5x5 will do wonders for you

for your diet, eat as much as you can and as often as you can. Peanuts are a cheap and calorie dense food. eat more of them. Eat more meat and potatoes as well and no skipping meals

firt of all you should set a goal for yourself. An attainable goal. Ex. 3 lbs in a month. You made the right decision, that you want to get stronger and you came to the right place. workign out 3 times a weeks is good. Gives plenty of rest. It’s up to you to decide what muscle groups you want to work out each day. Since you only train 3 days a week.

I would personally do a full body workout each day. That is if you hae the time to do it. Train hard. and. EAt EAT and EAT. without eating you will get nowhere. Your muscles need nutrition from your food to grow. There are many threads of examples of what to eat. Make sure your diet has abalance of protein. At least 1g/lb. of body weight. Slowly add more and more calories to your diet. Don’t just instantly double it. If you eat 2000 cals/ a day now add 500. try that for a month then add another 500. What do you usually eat? If your training is high intensity and you are eating like a pig you need rest. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. Your results willl come. Somethign i have just recently learned. patience.