Another Beginner Dbol/Test E Cycle (Help)

5’8 194lbs. 14-16% BF. Gonna be 24 years old. This will be my first cycle ever. I’ve read a lot these past few days and got some back and forth information.

Dbol - First 4 weeks to kick start the Test. ( but how much daily etc )
500 test a week, followed by 2 pricks. ( idk what days i should prick )
Running 12 weeks?

PCT : Ive read nolvadex and clomid, then ive read just nolvadex. atleast 2-4 week after last prick?

Need some expert opinions. Just wanna be safe.

Thanks Yall.

15 days later. Anyone?

Dont go on dbol for first time user especially with your body fat % the aromatization side effects are very underblown since you are a first timer you have no idea how your body reacts to compounds you may be highly aromatizing or not and with real dbol you dont want to touch that yet, i would suggest looking into a less aromatizing oral if you still want to do a kickstart maybe tbol or superdrol(very harsh but effective) for the big boys.

To keep the test stable you have to pin twice a week i would do it monday and thursday in the morning that is when blood is most stable in your body.

12 weeks is fine wait 2 weeks then pct with nolva 45/45/25/25 or clomid i dont use clomid so i cannot tell you the dosages myself from experience.

If you decide to take test only you will make good gains if you have good diet and training around 12-15 lb 8-9 keepable muscle gains maybe more.

Also watch your AI have some aromasin on deck maybe take 12.5 e3d just to see how your body reacts, if your nips start hurting a lot then up aromasin 20mg ed and see.