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Another BBB Template

Hey, I know this has been beaten to death but I’d just like to see what people think about this, and to make sure I have the parameters down. This is my sample BBB template done in the 3/5/1 fashion.

Bench- 5/3/1 (Face-pulls b/t sets)
Press-BBB @ 60%
Chins-50 Reps
Flyes-50 Reps
Airdyne Bike - 30 minutes

Deadlift - 5/3/1 (BB curls b/t sets)
Squat - BBB @ 60%
Ab Wheel - 5X10
Pushdowns - 50 Reps
Airdyne Bike - 30 Minutes

Press - 5/3/1 (Face-pulls b/t sets)
Bench - BBB @ 60%
Rows - 50 Reps
DB Laterals - 50 Reps
Airdyne Bike - 30 Minutes

Squat - 5/3/1 (Sullcrushers b/t sets)
Deadlift - BBB @ 60%
Leg Raise - 5X10
Hammer Curl - 50 Reps
Airdyne Bike - 30 Minutes

For the most part, I stuck to the assistance ranges that Jim recommends in the book. The only question I had about it was the additional pulling volume between the main sets. I am doing the face-pulls mainly as mobility support rather than assistance so wasn’t sure if it is too much being more than the 25-50 recommended for assistance. Thank you for any input.

A few of questions first:

  1. Are you doing the PR sets with your 5/3/1 sets and reps?

  2. Are you going straight in to 5x10 @ 60% every week (ie. not doing 40% on 5’s week, 50% on 3’s week, etc)?

  3. Are you using a 85% Training Max?

  4. Which book are you referring to?


Thanks for the reply and sorry for lack of details. I am referring to 5/3/1 Forever and I am using an 85% training max. I was planning on using the 5X10 @ 60% for all weeks. As far as the main work, my plan was as follows:

2 cycles 5’s Pro (no PR set) doing BBB @ 60% each week as supplemental and the assistance described above.

1 cycle PR set using 5x5 FSL for supplemental instead of BBB and adjusting the assistance up to 75-100 reps.

One more thing to note is that the face-pulls/arm work b/t main lift is only 10-15 reps b/t working sets only.


I too use pull aparts and light face pulls without really counting them into assistance reps (i also keep most of the assistance work towards the low-ish side of the recommended rep ranges).
60% with an 85%TM is perfectly doable for a beginner-intermediate.