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Another Assistance Thread, Time Management for Single Leg Movement

Hey everyone

in the past I always ran templates with programmed assistance work from the second 531 edition or beyond 531. Since three Months I do the assistance work form the forever book, push 50-100 reps, pull 50-100 reps, single leg 50-100 reps.

Regarding time, push and pull is obviously no problem to go for 100 reps, besides DB Rows but it´s ok. BUT single leg is a fucking bitch! I never did single leg work before, just DB-squats, leg presses etc.

Now I do Bulgarian-Split-Squats and go for 100 reps. I need 25 minutes!!! 25 minutes to get all the reps in. I do all my reps with „perfect“ form and shoot for control and quality like Jim always recommend. I stop at the bottom to „feel“ the muscles etc. etc.

I split them up into 5 sets of 20 reps but like I said, I need 25 minutes only for the split squats without warm-up, main work etc.

Is it stupid to do single leg stuff for 100 reps? How do you guys do this, regardless what template?

Sorry for that dumb question. Every tipp and help is much appreciated!

Superset them between supplemental work on upper body day and do abs/core stuff on leg day. Or just do them faster.

Errmm, do 50 reps?

Walking body weight lunges could work.

how many sets and reps do you guys on your single leg movements?

Do much fewer reps. There is no need to these for 100 reps/leg. NO NEED.

Thanks Jim for responding!

Ok and how much do you recommend per leg to get the full benefit? And before I go up in weight?

I ask because even in your first book you mentioned in the bodyweight template to do no less than 75 reps!?

How much sets and reps do you on average regardless what template when you do single leg work?

Appreciate the help and tipps! Thanks

You are getting close to paralysis by analysis here.

I posted this in response to another thread who was asking how to set up assistance.

  1. Pick a rep scheme appropriate for the movement and training phase your in (3x8 DB bench, 5x5 weighted chin, 5 x 10 DB row, etc.) when you hit all required reps in the scheme, add weight.
  2. Pick a total rep goal, again that is appropriate for the movement and training phase (50 total reps of dips, 30 total reps of Barbell rows, etc). Try get the total reps in the fewest number of sets possible.
  3. Pick a movement like BB Rows, or DB floor press. Pick a target reps scheme like 2x12. When you hit your target reps, either increase the weight of the SECOND set only. Repeat as you continue to hit target reps, OR just increase the reps from 12 to 15 then 18 then 20 and then increase the weight and go back down to 2 x 12.

These are just a few ideas to help push assistance work.

Also take into account its not just single leg, it includes core movements. So you could split this up in just using the lower end of the rep ranges (50 reps). Simply do a couple high rep sets of split squats (ie. 2x15), then finish off with some hanging leg raises for 25 total reps. That is just one example.

Do you have a training log book you write all your training into? If not you should. It makes a large difference when trying to program your assistance properly, and helps you stay consistent and know when to increase weight/reps/ sets.