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Another Arnold Impersonation Video


At work today:




Where's the "get to the choppa!"?






I know this will likely sort itself out later, but on the main page for GAL it says Iron Dwarf posted last in here but when I click his post doesn't show in here.
Also none of my posts have shown tonight after I posted them. I know I sound worried but that's because I am.


Ha! Finally it seems to work and I come back and see that Iron Dwarf only said LOL!! That's priceless!

Has anyone else been having trouble anyway?


Hub didn't work last night for me, and the late posts happen all the time.

You should make longer videos, with longer Arnold impressions. I'm always pissed when they are over.


Thanks, that's sweet.

Not to sound like a jerk but I want to do my Shatner, Walken, Connery, Bender, Fry, Gollum, Homer Simpson and Stitch impressions too.




Your Arnold is awesome! But I'd like to hear your version of Walken.




you could actually make money from that quality of impression. and it was fucking funny 'let me flex them for you!' lamo


Nards, if your other impersonations are of the caliber of your Arnie, you are better than most Hollywood impressionists. Time to get an agent.


You bangin any of those chicks?






For Cereal!

You should turn this into (or create a new one) The Nards Impersonation Thread

just put up vids of your impersonations... lots of them... cause that was really funny


For comparision...

Frank Caliendo:

Previously the best Arnie impersonation I've heard (this is more Arnie the politician than Arnie the actor):


Even better than the last. You've set the bar high.


Wow you guys are so nice! I mean that. As you can see the people in the video seem more annoyed than anything.
Though I guess if you work with me every day you'd want to punch my neck too.

I'll make a video with my students ( about 6 years old) and see how that goes. I tried reading to them with a Christopher Walken impression and they didn't even look at me like "Why is your voice like that?". But they are quite funny.