Another Anti-AI Post with Test Results

We all know how @physioLojik felt about AIs. I personally stopped using Arimidex based on his knowledge and the research he posted.

Here are my latest blood test results running 500 Test and 200 Masteron/week divided into 2 pins. I recently added 30 mg/day of liquid Nolvdex because I thought I felt some tissue increase under my right nipple just to be safe and prevent gyno.

I feel great. Have great erections and no other issues. I plan on coming off this blast this week and drop back down to my cruise dose. I want to keep my total test around 900.

I will say that my RBC is higher than I would like but I haven’t donated blood lately but have an appt this Friday to do so.

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That’s pretty low TT for 500mg/w, no?


How long were you on this protocol? 500mgs of Test didnt jack your total Test way up like I thought it would. I thought for sure you would be sitting around 2500 or more. 200mgs of Test weekly put me at 1285ish. Its pretty cool to see how what dosages affect different people. Might be a cool idea for a thread.

Probably about 9 weeks or so. The highest I’ve ever been was over 5000 but I was running about 1800 mg/week. I should have gotten free Test too but it wasnt on my mind and the lab test I picked didnt have it. I guess we all respond differently. @iron_yuppie

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Why were you running nearly two grams per week? Are you Dallas McCarver?

Because I was a newbie dumbass who felt like a kid in a candy store. I had been on dr prescribed TRT with shitty results and high E2 issues. When I made the decision to treat myself, I went a little CRAZY!


Fair enough. But if you already had high E issues, adding in 2g of test is not gonna make that better xD

But we all learn.

What I had was a shitty Test/E2 ratio which was causing all kinds of problems. As PhysoLojik demonstrated, estrogen is not the problem, the ratio is the problem.


This statement is what makes me thankful I found these forums beforehand. I new something was wrong before getting treated, lurked these forums for 6 months, then got everything in line with Dr.'s. Turned out my Test was at a 253 on a range of 300-900 ( I think).

Thank you for your service

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This forum and guys here have taught me SO MUCH.


I second what you have said @studhammer @newbvet

Ive been posting/reading these forums for over 10 years and in the beginning we had a wealth of knowledge from vets like bonez, prisoner/p22, saps, walkway, westclock, bill Roberts etc. Which over time started to decline, I stopped posting and unfortunately this forum did become just like most others. But now thanks to you guys its a pleasure to post again and have intellectual conversations alongside some humour.

Maybe its due to this forum that the damage done to my endocrine system was not as bad as it could have been starting AAS so early.


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@Chris_Colucci, is there a reason that my pic isnt loading? Too big, something else I can fix?

Not sure, as I don’t see one uploading. The first post has one image attached. If you’re getting an error message when attaching, it should state a reason. You can try e-mailing the pic to and I can see if there’s an issue.

That’s the only one. It wasnt showing up earlier. Stupid Internet! LOL

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I too believe that there is overuse of AI’s. I don’t come off, and recently have had sides I haven’t experienced since the days in which I did. But not from typical high E symptoms. After reading physios stuff, and going way back into the banks to see morepains take on it (and some others), I dropped the AI completely, and am gradually feeling better.

I’ll add to this since I have a new data point. Got my blood work back today after settling in to my new trt protocol. Four days after my shot TT is 551, e2 is 43, SHBG is 8, which is probably why the lower TT wasn’t bothering me. New protocol is 120mg/w split with no AI. Feel good, but definitely not holding on to everything I picked up from my blast that ended a month ago. Still, no AI has been liberating.

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Wow and you only hit TT1866. I can do that with 300mg/wk T cyp. only.


My E2 is is also around 125. but it never effected my nipples on a12 week cycle.


That said as soon as I am back on my TRT levels I am back on the AI big time to get my E2 back in the 20’s where I feel my best. YMMV. I am not in the no AI camp. I use the tools the drug companies provide.

On 185mg trt with no AI I’m 1999 total T. I’m looking forward to 500mg blast soon.


How were your results from the blast?

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Dam Dex you must have a really high SHGB.
To only have a free T of 35 and such a low E2 With a TT of 2K
Your SHGB is gobbling up all your E2 and Free T. Pretty easy for you guys to boast not needing an AI
I can see a blast in in your future. You might consider 250mg per lover handle subQ per week to get that SHGB down to something reasonable.

Personally I think AI is overrated. People worry too much about their nipples on cycle. I mean hell, even as a natty, you can still have puffy nipples if it’s warm outside and they can be tight as fuck of it’s cold. Doesn’t mean you need an AI.

The only results I know from people who have used AIs is crashed estrogen and even worse off results.

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