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Another Addition: The Progress


Hey guys, here i am a year later.
Quite a bit weight lost, quite a bit gained
but heres current results to my ongoing journey


This picture is from last night.
the leanest i have ever been in 19 years of age.


This is my picture from 8th grade, im in 2nd year of college now
so theres like 5 years i think. lol i might have got the math wrong
but ya i was 260 at 8th grade, now i would say 200


My goal is to be like that
but i know i shooting for the fence lol
but ill do my thang and ill get there
diet and exercise!
keep going everyone, progress makes progress


to be honest, your progress is much better than the photographs seem to show. Here are the problems:
1. You are not lean YET.
2. You have a very odd structure with wide hips, thick waist and narrow shoulders from a bb point of view.

Put 1 and 2 together, and you are one of the many people who should NOT pose completely relaxed when asking for a critique. If you took the time and learnt a few poses, you would look a lot better than simply standing there with everythign hanging out in a semi slouched pose - which would only work with a better structure/proportions and shredded body.

Also posing frequently will improve your frame over time, by "loosening your scapulae" etc. rotating your hips etc)

From a muscular point of view, good work. Good lat development etc.....keep on keeping on. But the next time you post pics, please pose properly OR be shredded.


goal pic needs way more delt.

why is it that all those male model pics have big chests but no delts


why would you put this in rmp


Is this the first time we've ever seen a goal pic?


As others have said, you have a good chest foundation but lack some back and lat development. May I suggestsome .deadlifts and pullups. Good Job sofar though..


i see you have already shaved your man-area in anticipation.

now to lose that fat and gain that muscle!

  1. You and I have a very similar body shape. That wide waist and those narrow shoulders are a bitch huh?

  2. Your goal physique is very attainable. Just keep at it.


Ah, esk and puppypoop training! That reminds me.....

The OP would do well to incorporate the weighted lat stretches on a regular basis to help widen his shoulders. Read about this and do it, I guarantee it works wonders.


im guessing most people wouldnt look at you now and assume you had lagging shoulders either.


what lat stretches do i do in order to widen my shoulders


Please work on your posture!!

I'm getting a sore neck just looking at you :wink: