Another ABBH2 Question

Chad suggests that for partial barbell deadlifts you should “only lower the barbell until it’s at the level of your upper shins.” Should we be doing these in a rack and touching the bar to a set of pins, or outside of the rack and stopping the weight on our own. Obvoiusly makes a big difference in the weight you can use.


Homer, good question ! I’m “obliged” to do this movement outside the rack without leaving the bar, because the holes for the safety bars are placed too high. In this way I can use only
80 % of the load I use for deadlifts, where at each rep I leave the bar on the floor.


Either method will work. If you want to increase your grip strength/endurance, perform the deads without the power rack. If you want to load up as much as possible to more adequately improve your lower back/hip strength, use the power rack and briefly rest the load between reps.