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Another ABBH question day 2


day 2 of ABBH is quads, calves, and abs. example exercises are squats. hanging pike, and calf raises. they want 60% of 1 Rep max for weight. first what are hanging pikes, and second if they are what I think they are( hanging from a chin bar and raising legs forward til they are parellel to the ground forming an L shape) how do you do 60% of a max?!? where does the weight go?!?! Also could anyone suggest any alternative exercises.
Thanks in advance




hello parrothead! first of all congrats to choosing a good program like abbh secondly i would say ?f y?u can get the full ten reps of the hanging pikes you?ll be really happy with that , but if you can?t you could try to switch with the decline situps on your 5x10leg day and do the hangin pikes on your 10x3 leg day. on the other hand if you easily can get the 10 reps on the hanging pikes you could try ankle weights or a weight-vest. good luck!