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Another Ab Thread-Train Abs Every Day?


I was released from the Army last Sept, and plenty of NCO's would tell me that your core is such a large muscle group, you can literally work them out every day.

Now, I don't know if this is just their ignorance speaking or what, but wouldn't that be an overload on the core? Maybe they were speaking strictly using body weight??




slick reply...clever too. so you CAN work your core 7 days a week without regressing?


I've done it and had no problems.


You CAN,but it's not necessary in order to have a strong core,and if you were to train it every day,in my opinion,you would certainly be doing more harm than good if you don't mix it up as much as possible-isometric (i.e. plank) twisting,targetting lower or upper abs or obliques as appropriate on different days,with different exercises,etc. instead of a total beasting every day.

doing say,sit-ups and crunches every day would seem a bad idea unless it was very specific,i.e. boxing/martial arts or correcting a severely lordotic spine.


It also doesn't make much logical sense to me that a "large muscle group" would need less recovery time.


If you wanna get an 8-pack you gotta work your abs EVERY day. Sometimes twice a day. And go really high reps to tone the muscle and target that belly fat.


^^ twice-a-days is basically what separates the 8-pack haves from the have-nots


yeah you can work it a ton. But that doesn't mean you should waste all day on core exercises if it's detracting from more productive lifts in the gym.


I do train my abs everyday, but I alternate on heavy standing ab work on my training days, and when I do recovery/extra workouts, I tend to do bw stuff like Hanging Leg Raises to build up work capacity and/or recovery.


Most of the shit my NCO's would say didn't make logical sense, which is why I'm asking here :slight_smile:


its best to work the abs FIRST to really pre-exhaust the muscle and to build hyyoooge mass, and then do something like front squats after that to really tone it

my 2 cents


I'd rather have my abs fresh to stabilize myself during the really heavy lefts so I don't end up dumping a few hundred pounds of weights.



You'd think people have better things to do or something.


I smell sarcasm....


I heard supersetting and really exhaust both your lower back and abs, and then instantly attempt a 1RM rack pull builds HUGE MUSCLES.


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If you train them right, they will be sore for days, you won't even be able to do pushups. Train them right meaning 2x12 situps on the decline bench with a 120 lb dumbell on your chest.


I hear your legs are a large muscle group too!


Wow! Cool! what sort of rep range we talkin'?