Another 531 Frequency Project

yeah, I think I’ll avoid straps on deadlifts as I’ve been fine grip-wise for everything but the 300+ range

didn’t know you want to be an s&c coach, that’s awesome! I feel you on the being chunky part, I don’t think it helps to be fat, unless you’re maybe at a high/geared level of PL

yea, I also think after your normal work sets for 531, you should go back down to whatever weight you used for your first or second work set and do a couple more triples.And thanks for complimenting my future career choice. And yea I agree about until I am squatting 500 plus lbs i will care about how lean I am haha.

1/7/12, Monday, Session#13
Shoulder warmup
Fat Bar Military press- 110x3, 125x3, 140x3, 160x3x3sets, 185x3
close grip bench-4x10
dumbbell row- 60x10, 80x10x3sets, (wrist straps)100x15

1/8/13, Tuesday, session#14
squat-200x3, 230x3, 265x3, 295x1
deadlift-275x3, 310x3, 350x3
banded leg curls-3x10
back raises-3x20
banded good mornings-3x20

comments- felt tired/hungry during today’s workout so I didn’t go too heavy. tomorrow will be an off day for me, then thursday I will be benching

1/10/13, Thursday, Session#15
bench-170x3,195x3, 220x3, 245x2
pullups-4 sets til failure
Db row(wrist straps on all sets)-100x15,120x15x2
Close grip bench-135x10,185x10, (slingshot/wrist wraps) 205x10,225x10,245x6
cardio-intervals on stairstepper,15 minutes long.

1/11/13, Friday, Session#16
squat- 215x3, 250x3, (belt on)280x3, 315x1, (knee wraps and belt)335x2
Speed Sumo deadlift-135 x3 x5sets
Cl. Stance Squat(for reps)-135 x50reps
Back raise-2 x 15reps with just body-weight
Cardio: 20 min on stair-stepper
Comments- I have never done sumo deadlifts before today,and they were a little weird to learn. But by the 3rd set or so I really started to feel my hips/glutes working more which is why I have decided to start putting that lift in my training.

I love sumo pulling! I’m more built for it than conventional, but only really use sumo to test my max if that makes sense. You could definitely up it to 185 or 225 for speed reps.

yea I know i could def do like 225 or 250 for sumo speed pulls, i just wanted to get the technique down the other day. but i actually do like the way they feel and will work them in as an assistance lift.

do you squat wide? I could see them helping with the hips. strong db rows btw

thanks and for awhile i was squatting really wide but mine is just a little wider than shoulder width now.

1/13/13, Sunday, Session#17
Shoulder warmup
Fat Grip Mil. Press-100x5, 115x5, 130x5, 140x2,150x2
speed bench-135 x3 x8sets
Barbell row-135 x10 x10
cardio-20 minutes on octane elliptical

1/14/13, monday, session#18
Dynamic warmup stuff
Squat- 200x3, 230x3, 265x3
deadlift- 255x3, 295x3, 330x3
Comments-That was all for today because I was pressed for time

1/15/13,Tuesday, session#19
shoulder warmup
Bench- 160x3, 185x3, 205x3, 225x3
military press(for reps)-45x15, 65x10, 95x23, 95x25
Lat pulldowns-3x10
side raises-3x10
cardio- 1000m on rower, all out sprint, got it in 3 min and 33sec. then 15 easy min on a bike.

1/16/13, Wednesday, session#20
squat- 200x3, 230x3, 265x3, 295x3, 315x3
leg press(mini and light bands set up on it)-worked up to 6 plates a side then huge dropset down to 2 pps
leg extensions-4x15
banded leg curl-4x10
1 legged leg press with bands-2x12
cardio-20 min on elliptical

1/17/13, Thursday, session#21
shoulder warmup
Mil. Press-115x5, 130x3, 145x1
banded seated hammer strength shoulder press-worked up to mini bands plus 45 each side for 10reps
side raises-8 sets of 8reps
seated hammer row- 3x20
cardio-2000m on rowing machine, done in about 8 minutes

1/18/13, Friday, session#22
squat- 200x3, 230x3, 265x3, 275x2x2, 225x10
deadlift- 300x3, 330x3, 375x3
banded leg press(just mini bands)-worked up to 6 plates per side x8reps, then dropsetted down to 2pps
leg curls- worked up to a heavy set of 6 reps
leg extensions-3x12
cardio-1 hr on the stairstepper

1/21/13, Monday, session#23
bench-185x5, 205x3, 230x1, 250x1
Seated Db Press/Db row superset- 50x 20, 18, 18/60x 10, 10, 70x 10
Close grip bench with elitefts light bands-5x10reps

1/22/13, Tuesday, Session#24
Squat- 235x3, 265x3, 295x1, added belt/knee wraps 305 x3, 345 x1
more squats-165x 10,10,10,10,14,10 (these sets of squats were as many sets of at least 10 reps in under 10min)
Stiff legged Deadlift(light and minibands)-95 bands, 4 sets of 6reps

1/23/13, Wednesday, New 5/3/1 frequency cycle Session#1
Shoulder Warmup
Military Press-110x3, 125x3, 140x3, extra sets: 155x2, 165x1
JM Press(on smith machine)-4x8reps
Fat Grips Bench press/Dumbbell Row superset-135x10x2,155x10, 175x10x2/70x10,100x10, 120x8x3
Some light shoulder raises: front, side, rear, light overhead db presses, just got a lot of blood in there.
Cardio: Sprint intervals on treadmill set to an incline of 10 for around fifteen minutes.

1/24/13, Thursday, Session#2
Leg warmup
squat-205x3, 235x3, 265x3, 315x1
Deadlift-275x3, 315x3, 355x3, 385x1
Comments-I called it a day after that because a week and a half or so ago I had a slight pull in a muscle on the side/lower back and today it didn’t feel awesome so I didn’t want to push it to much and left the gym without feeling a lot of pain.

1/25/13, Friday
Some good news today. I got paid from work/received my financial aid from school and had extra money from that stuff so I ordered 2 bottles of indigo3G, very excited to start using it. I chose to get overnight delivery too so that I can have it even sooner, hoping it comes tomorrow.