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Another 5/3/1 Question


What the fuck is wrong with all of you ass clowns that think you're so special that you must start a new thread for every 5/3/1 question that you have? There's a huge thread (4 linked together at this point) asking every damn question imaginable, and they get answered- often by Wendler himself!

New to 5/3/1? Got a dumbass question about it? Post it in the huge fucking thread about the program!


What is this thing you call... 5/3/1? Is this a new area code? A new form of math? A new postal code? Or is it the sum (9) of the IQ of all the Justin Bieber fans?


Hey, is this a good place to ask a question about 5/3/1? I can even threadjack your question and ask my own question, if that's cool with you.

Fuck, people, buy the goddamned program, Follow the goddamned program, and if you want, start a different goddamned program.


New rule that everyone should follow. Only acceptable replies to these kind of threads is directing them to the main 5/3/1 thread link. Every time someone starts one they get several serious replies so it only encourages more.


agreed, let's get this thing fuckin rolling. im not handing out anymore 5/3/1 knowledge or experience other than in that thread! these people probably need to clean the fucking room too!


the problem is getting worse!