Another 1st Cycle Post

Plan on doing first cycle end of the year just want to get some input. Some background info first.
Been training on/off about 10yrs on various training methods bb, pl and some even some ol.
Atm I weight 200lbs height 5 '9 duno what bodyfat I still got 4pack thats about it.
My 1rm lifts
bench 315
Deads 405
Chin with 135 on belt

Just light leg work because of 2knee ops. (wrestling)

Goal is to put on as much lean muscle and strength as possible.
Hoping for a 405 bench and 500-600deadlift. Plan to make return
to mma training hence why I want to put lean muscle rather than just blow up.

So far this is what I’ve come up with;

Primotest (test enth) 500mg week (mon,thur) 1-12weeks
Turnibol 40mg Ed 1-3weeks, 9-12weeks

Will keep nolvadex 10-20mg on hand for any gyno signs.
Clomid will start 1weeks after last shot and continue for 3weeks.

Any critiques tips advice would be appreciated.

Does primotest have primobolan in it?

If you don’t want to just “blow up”, I’d certainly use some arimidex/anastrozole at .5mg EOD for the duration of the cycle.

PCT should start two weeks after last shot, and I think 4 weeks is better than 3 for duration. What dosage of clomid are you planning on using?

I don’t think so, Im pretty sure it’s just test enth. Should I get some primobolan also?
I have pretty good source and should be able to get most things if theres something better for my goals let me know ta.

Ok thanks I will get some arimidex eod.

4weeks of turnibol, I should have enough. Is it worthwhile running it last 4 weeks also?

With Clomid I plan on doing
300mg day 1
100mg day 2-10
50mg day 11-20

What kind of strength increase can I expect from this cycle? Should I add/take anything to benefit since this is a first cycle.
Training will be each bodypart twice week.heavy first and more volume 2nd session. Followed by steady 30min cardio
Will try to get about 250-300g protein day, and try keep to lowish carbs

No don’t get primo… I was just wondering because of the name of it. Test/tbol sounds good actually.

I prefer Nolva over Clomid for PCT. Mainly because Clomid makes me too emotional.

Do you guys think I should use nolvadex 10mg Ed during cycle or just use when I feel gyno sides coming.not sure weather I should prevent it before it starts or?

Ok so far cycle looks like this

500mg test enth 1-12weeks (shot mon/thur)
40mg tbol ED 1-4weeks, maybe add last weeks also depending on progress.
.5mg of arimidex EOD
Clomid pct as shown above.

how does that sound guys?

You most likely won’t need to use nolvadex on cycle if you are taking arimidex. Its a possiblity, but very unlikely given the amount of aromatizing gear. But yes, if you feel “gyno symptoms” for som reason, then you could certainly use nolvadex.

Ok thanks for help ppl, I’ll post on Here once I finish cycle let u know about progress

Ive read some info about HCG and it’s effects on testicular atrophy, would it be useful to add it in 250iu 3x week as reccomennded?

Should only need 250 iu 2x a week

Cheers man. Another question, with 0.5 arimidex EOD During cycle do I still use it after week 12 until I start Clomid?or do I stop at last shot?

So between sayin is between week 12-14 ill having nothing in my system? Or do continue with arimidex till end of Clomid also?

Continue with arimidex until PCT, but taper it off. Your test levels will be dropping steadily in those 2 weeks and you won’t need as much towards the end of the 2nd week.