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Another 1st Cycle Post.... but Hear Me Out, More to It!

Sorry guys I’m sure it gets old but I wanna do this right.

Age 26
Height 5’11
Weight 185 lbs
BF %12
Been training since highschool. Competatively Powerlifted and Wrestled starting sophomore year. Got really serious once I joined the service. After the first two years I started to deploy so I’d take time off the weight and just do a **** ton of bodyweight and cardio pre deployment and pick weights back up last 2 months before coming home. Dabbled in sarms over the past 2 years out of the service now considering a cycle of test e as follows.

W 1-10
Test E 250mg 6am Monday 250mg 12pm thurs
HCGenerate 5 pills ED 3AM 2 PM
Arimidex on hand just case
Cardarine (GW) 20mg ED

2 weeks after last pin
W 13-15
Nolva 50mg
Clomid 50 mg

W 15-18
Nolva 25mg
Clom 25mg

So question 1 AI’s should I set predetermined doses after system saturation (around week 5)? Or just leave it be and only use the arimidex if symptoms start popping up?

Question 2 I’m no stranger to training but I want the most bang for my buck. Here is what I know based on research of the affect on steroids to different muscle tissues. Steroids greatly increase the ability to stimulate sarcoplasmic muscle tissue specifically. Training in higher volume higher rep ranges is stimulating sarcoplasmic fibers. Training low rep with heavy weights for strength stimulates more myofibrillar muscle tissue right?
Steroids also increase your capacity for muscle glycogen and inter cellular water retention ( that means you’ll be able to bout a lot more reps then normally would correct?). So with that being said here is where having knowledge without as much experience bites me. Would it be better to stay in hypertrophy and switch my last week through my pct to a 5x5 or power lifting regimen to try and maintain the strength and gains. So slow hard gains then maintain, or bulk and bloat and cut away later o guess are the options I’m struggling with. And help and advice would be great. Sorry for the long winded post. I’ve been researching for almost a year now and I just wanna do thing right. Thanks guys.

This shits garbage don’t waste your money on scam products.

Some love it I can’t get with it. It’s been shown to cause cancer in rats at extremely fast speeds. So much so that the company behind it decided to Ditch it.

Keep it simple no clomid nolva 40/40/20/20

Great supplement. One of the only that’s worth the money

Why add a drug unless you need to? Keep a strict diet and there is a good chance you’ll forget the shits even in your drawer

As far as your last question. I think some people way over complicate training. I use a split of chest/back/legs/off/shoulders/arms. With a hypertrophy based system. Been working great for me for years. It might not work great for everyone tho. You gotta find what works for You were all different. As far as the bulk/slow gains thing it depends. Some people love a dirty bulk and have no issues cutting after if your a slow cutter then I’d stay away form a dirty bulk and keep diet strict and make slow gains.


Thanks zeek. Will do. AIs are just one of those things I here they are good they are bad. A must have or a dont touch. Youre stupid if you do you’re stupid if you dont. You know? I have some just in case gyno starts popping up. Thanks for the info.

It’s always good to have it before your cycle starts and they and you have skme people who are really prone to gyno and have a hard time handling elevated E2 mentally and physically.

Even now il get bit emotional sometimes. I might here a old song or think of something great or just be hanging with my wife and think damn lifes great and get a little teary eyed. But I much rather have that happen then how I felt trying to dial in a adex dosage on cycle (anxious, fatigued, restless) not to mention the havoc adex can reak on your lipids and your joints if you really crash your E2

Lol. Next time just hand the $70 to a stranger on the street. Actual HCG is cheaper and works.

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You’re right yuppie but that’s why I came here first. Still waiting on my arimidex before I start my first pin. From what I’ve seen is it’s just a bunch of vitamins and natural test boosters trib, fenugreek etc that would aid in rebound didnt know they weren’t reliable though so thank you for the looking out. Luckily I hadn’t bought it yet. Figured I drop a thread and get it right before starting a cycle with regrets from the beginning. And thanks zeek I’ll just hold on to the AI until I see any issues. I appreciate all the info guys.

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