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Anorexia Nervosa & The Like??


I have a nephew who is anorexic for about 4 years. He's 15 now, and began caloric restriction and malnutrition (and underweight) in age 11. We're from Israel, and he is a patient in "Tel-Hashomer" hospital in an eating disorders department.
Beyond the mental ilness, there are lots of physiological disorders. except malnutrition and underweight, the problems including hypercortisolemia, osteoporosis, muscle loss, GH resistance (and short stature), delayed puberty (no signs of masculinization at all), low sex hormones, damaged teeth, carotenemia and lots of other problems.
However, I wanted to ask. Is weight gain is associated with height gain, accelerated growth and puberty and increased testosterone (and IGF-1) levels?
I mean, Do children need adipose tissue for growing? Or the body can developed without weight gain and fat mass?

I would like to see researches and studies about anorexia and growth. If somebody knows about it.



Weight gain in the form of adipose tissue is very important for adolscence to reach full height. Pre-adolescence and adolescence go through periods of fat gain that enable them to store energy needed for an upcoming growth spurt. Without those fat reserves, growth will be hindered.