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Anonym's Training Log


Anonym's Training Log

Nothing too special or eloquent to kick this off with - I just needed a place to put my numbers, track my diet and compose my thoughts while trying to get bigger and stronger. I used to rely on a scrap sheet of paper to keep track of my lifts (while keeping my thoughts in my head and not thinking too much about the fuel I put in the tank), and am at the point where I feel I would be better off keeping track of my lifts over time and actually keeping some record of the shit in parentheses.

And, if I'm gonna keep track, why not do it in a place where people can give advice, keep me on the right track or just make sure I don't accidentally become a fat, greasy bastard somewhere along the way?

To start...
The Measurements
Weight - ~240 pounds
Chest - 44.75"
Waist - 40.5" (this is not as alarming as it appears - while I do have excess weight to lose, I am a wide-waisted bastard, in general... one of my many bodybuilding crosses to bear!)
Left biceps - 17.5"
Right biceps - 17.625" (every hundredth counts with the gunz!)
Left forearm - 14.25"
Right forearm - 14.25"
Left leg - 25.5"
Right leg - 25.5"
Left calf - 17"
Right calf - 17"

You will see my lifting numbers as I post them (I don't worry about 1RMs)

The Routine
Well, you will see the fine print as I post it. For the broad strokes: nine total workouts, three per group (Legs A, B, C; Chest A, B, C; Back A, B, C) which I cycle through Monday - Saturday. I love the rest-pause stuff they do in Doggcrapp, so that is what I use (I either have good recovery or simply am not lifting heavy enough weight to warrant more rest than this routine provides).

The Diet
I will use this log to keep a general idea of how many kcals I am getting (and in what breakdowns)... I used to rely on a see-food diet, but am going to give lower-carb a shot (with the exception of milk, I will try to keep the carbs in the mornings with some post-workout).

Of course, I am a broke-ass college student, so my diet is always subject to change based on my financial situation.

I will do my best to keep it consistent here. I will post my workouts after each session and my diet after my last meal. New measurements will be ~3 months, or so (for shits), and pictures will be posted whenever I'm feeling good about what I've accomplished.

Or, I will forget all about this log and it will, as Mr. Tyson once said, "Fade into bolivion."

Thanks for stopping by.


Monday 6/29/09 - Legs A

Man, the Logs section moves fast… less than a day and I’m already one update away from Page 3.

Standing Calf Raise (20 - 30 RP) 205x38
Stiff-Legged Deadlift (6 - 9) (9 - 12) 225x9, 185x12
Barbell Front Squat (6 - 8) 295x6
Leg Press Widowmaker (20 reps) 490x20

First time doing SLDLs and the Leg Press Widowmakers… I’ll have to get the weight up on the SLDLs next time (I was working more on form and trying to keep my lower back fresh for the front squats) and bring a bucket for the leg presses.

Other than that, I bumped up my weight on the other two exercises, so I’m pleased with how it went.

Pretty poor today - I was unexpectedly called into the lab early so I was forced to survive on protein shakes and bad Chinese food (better than nothing, and I managed to stick to my “lower carbish” approach). Not ideal, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do to get results.

Speaking of “doing what ya gotta do”, I bought a cooler and some re-freezable ice packs today. I’ll start preparing emergency meals the night before so I don’t get fucked over next time I get called in off-schedule.


Tuesday 6/30/09 - Chest A

Dumbbell Bench Press (15 - 20 RP) 105x22
Seated Smith Press (11 - 15 RP) 185x14
Rope Press-downs (15 - 20 RP) 220x21
Cable Lateral Raises (20 - 30 RP) 60x28, 28
Close-Grip Barbell Shrugs (15 - 20 RP) 345x9, 315x24

Well, I’m disappointed with the Smith presses, I was hoping to get at least 16 (anywhere above my target rep range). Still got it in the upper range, though, so I’m not TOO bummed out.

Holding the peak contraction on the Cable laterals combined with a slow(ish) eccentric gives a great burn in the medial delt. Props to The Mighty Stu for mentioning this in one of the threads earlier today (before this I was more worried about just getting the weight up).

The shrugs may look out of place here, but I decided to toss them in since I’m adding an additional exercise to my back workouts. Since I typically show up at my gym ~1 hour before it closes, I’m strapped for time enough, as is. Anyhow, started with 345 but, with memory of the laterals fresh in my mind, decided to drop the weight a tad in order to really squeeze my traps at the top of the lift.

Meal One: (1 cup oatmeal + 1 can tuna); shake (2 cups whole milk + 20g whey + 5g leucine)
Meal Two: 5 scrambled eggs with cheese; 5g fish oil
Meal Three: (1 cup oatmeal + 1 can tuna); shake (2 cups whole milk + 20g whey + 5g leucine)
Meal Four: 12 large shrimp (~40g protein); grilled cheese sandwich, 2 tbsp EVOO; 5g fish oil;
Meal Five: (2 tbsp EVOO + 1 can tuna); shake (2 cups whole milk + 20g whey + 5g leucine)
Meal Six: To Be Determined

There’s a standard PWO shake (2 cups skim milk + 20g whey + 5g leucine) in there somewhere, as well. I won’t mention it again, but it goes for all workout days.

Yeah, I know - not very creative with the meals (and, yes, tuna does get old). But it’s more for “fuel” and calories than taste. I don’t have a problem going out with friends and getting some pizza or fast food (Taco Bell, baby), but on my own time, it’s mostly just business.


Wednesday 7/1/09 - Back A

Supinated Pull-downs (15 - 20 RP) 250x28
Dumbbell Rows (15 - 20 RP) 100x24
Reverse Pec-Deck (20 - 30 RP) 60x28
Barbell Curls (15 - 20RP) 105x14
Dante Dumbbell Curls (15 - 20 RP) 30x16

Pounded Taco Bell 30 minutes before this workout, so I felt like I was gonna hurl the whole time. Still, PR’s all around.

Meal One: (1 cup oatmeal + 1 can tuna); shake (2 cups whole milk + 20g whey + 5g leucine)


Hence the Taco Bell right before the gym. Needed something ASAP and I made it to the gym 45 minutes before it closed. Fuck, what a day.

Then, PWO shake and then BBQ pulled pork and mad green veggies.

Now, I’m pounding calories to make up for it all. Gotta get that protein in, one way or another.


Thursday 7/2/09 - Legs B

Seated Calf Presses (20 - 30 RP) 135x35
Lying Leg Curls (20 - 30 RP)160x24
Barbell Back Squat (6 - 8) 325x5 (FUCK!)

Tired as hell all day. I thought it would pick up once I got to the gym, but no-can-do. I only suffered on the back squats, but they bummed be out to where I didn’t bother finishing off with leg extensions.

Next time.

Meal One: (1 cup oatmeal + 1 can tuna); shake (2 cups whole milk + 20g whey + 5g leucine)
Meal Two: 5 scrambled eggs with cheese; 5g fish oil
Meal Three: Bigass turkey sandwich
Meal Four: Fish and noodles
Meal Five: Another bigass turkey sandwich; fruit salad, 5g fish oil
Meal Six: shake (2 cups whole milk + 20g whey + 5g leucine)


Friday 7/3/09 - Chest B

Bench Press (11 - 15 RP) 335x14
Barbell Push Press (11 - 15 RP) 195x14
Seated EZ-extensions (15 - 20 RP) 80x19
Incline Dumbbell Laterals (20 - 30 RP) 40x6, 35x24
Seated Dumbbell Shrugs (20 - 30 RP) 110x45

Good day all around; once again I focused on the contraction and a slow eccentric with the lateral raises (hence the weight drop).

My gym only goes up to 120lb dumbbells, though, and I have to make do with these until I move in late August and get to lift at a Gold’s. So, for now I’ll just have to rep the shrugs as much as I can and focus on the contraction.

My gym is closed tomorrow (as are all of them, I would think). Nards.

Good day for diet, similar to the other “good” days so far. I’m too lazy to type it all up now, but maybe later tonight/tomorrow morning. Hopefully I can keep it up for the rest of today and through the holiday weekend.