Anonymous website hosting

Hi! Any of you have some anonymous website hosting experiences / recommendations?

I know there exists private domains, where your WHOIS information is safe, but what happens when you link it (the anon) to a non-private webhost? Do you absolutely need a private host to keep you private status?

Any sites to recommend?

Thanks in advance!

is this some kind of “sex” thing?

QUOTE: Do you absolutely need a private host to keep you private status?

Is that in reference to gay people? Keep your comments to yourself you Commie bastard!!

Do you know about Angelfire? They give you 20 MB free space.

The prob is your domain name is

Not all that catchy, in other words.

I’ve been wondering about this question myself, so I hope that someone will clue me in as well.

Can I have a website like “” and not have everybody know my name, rank and serial number? (just kidding about DiaperPorn of course)

There’s gotta be a way. Hell, there is an Al-Qaeda website, so there has to be a way they can do it and not get bombed or arrested

Get a free website, and give false information. They have so many people starting websites that they wouldn’t notice Mickey Mouse started a website. Then links would not matter. Unless somebody would complain about your website, then the worst is that you could just end up with the web page shut down.

Now if you want to do business there, then it becomes practically impossible because then somebody would have to know who you are so you can get paid. Unless you really know offshore banking well.

He isn’t necessarily referring to free hosting. Perhaps one of you is paying for such a service?


KNIGHTRT: Bingo. Never said free.

I don’t expect it to be that way either. Privacy has it’s price.

To all others:

Nope, not a pornsite. Just a personal webpage with photo-interest and links.

I just don’t want 1) my private info spilled out when someone does a WHOIS, 2) to lose my private-tag that goes with my domain.

Hey Dan, go to or and post your question there. (I’d hit both places to get a variety of answers).

They’re two forums where internet marketers/businessfolk exchange ideas and information.

I rely on them heavily.

Try great web hosting site.

DUKE0090: Very nice website indeed. Full of resources.

Too bad it fails the WHOIS privacy test.

Nice pricing options too.


Note: Got some answer from

What they say is that I should get a private web host and that I need to point to their name servers and, bingo, domain stays private and webhosting does not say anything more.

Is that simple?

Any alternatives to who meet these criteria. Godaddy does not seem to have the most flexible webpage generator / hostings packages around…

Thanks in advance!

No problem Dan glad I could help

DUKE0090: Fine with me. When I do find a solution, I`ll post it here.