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Anonymous to Do Mass Leak


I wonder what will come of this, if this isn't some hoax?


The militarization of the police is a big mistake . It will only breed insurgency.


what ever came of this? Its now Jan 1, 2012 and I haven't heard a release of any info.


Haha, they're hard at work.

They're taken down a few government websites, exposed 10's of thousands of emails and credit card details.


You're not really hearing much because, from what I hear, no media companies are reporting it.


California Statewide Law Enforcement Association is down.



This was the last news I heard of them



I think the more we hear about SOPA, the more we'll start hearing from them.

SOPA is one of the most important things going on right now that almost no ones knows about, and it affects everyone all over the world.