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Anonymous Declares War on China



I love hackers. Guys like this are a major force multiplier in the fight for liberty.



Why single out China?

Their declaration applies to every government, everywhere.

And not only pertaining to the Internet.


Because China is the hacker capitol of the world (one of em anyway) and the internet is THE arena where other hackers actually have the means for high visibility action. I do think they may be underestimating China's l33t personnel a bit though.


Anonymous couldn't even crack Scientology. The best they did was - what? - fax black sheets of paper nonstop?

And x2 to China most likely having better hackers.

When I first heard about Anonymous I thought it sounded badass. Now I think it's just a bunch of fat virgins in their mama's basements waiting for their porn torrent to hit 100%.



I hope they manage to do some damage.

Depending on how the current financial crisis pans out, it's quite possible that the Chinese government will have to deal with some serious pressure from within over the next few years.


How many anons know how to actually do anything besides fake ordering pizzas and signing up for spam?


LOL that's great probably is true about them thou.

And China has the worlds best hackers. Just ask the military how good they are since they are not hiring hackers to boost up security all over the net.

China was smart enough a long time ago to get the hackers on payroll and just let them lose to cause havic everywhere.


I can't decide whether I think this is really cool or really sad.


From what I understand in the article is that Anonymous is not declaring war on the people o China but the internet censorship program the Chinese gov has placed on the people. hackers inside china have been attacking that system for years with little lasting success. Most likely the coming attacks will be made up of more Chinese citizens then Americans.

I could be wrong though.


I think I'm gonna go on record as saying that I believe that our high level systems are more vulnerable than China's.


you never know, spamming them with lemonparty and pokemon gifs might actually work.


does that make me anonymous?