I’m going to try to keep up with this better than my last one. I’ve had some pretty serious knee and ankle problems in the past (mentioned this in my last log), but now that those have mostly disappeared its time to keep a log with you guys to hold me accountable.

My main goal is to build muscle while getting stronger… strange right?
I prefer a bit higher frequency and have been following a 4 workout rotation the last few weeks, taking Sundays off. I go Chest/Tris/Calves, Back/Bis, Shoulders/Traps/Calves, Legs, repeat. So far I’m loving it. I go in, work up to an all out set on each exercise, and get out. Its been some of the most fun training I’ve done.

Stats… feel free to skip over this, lol
Height- 6’4"
Weight- 205
BF- 16-20%? I really have no idea

I will try to post some pics so you guys can gt an idea of where I’m at. Any and all advice and critique is welcome.

Chest/Tri’s/Calves today… just writing down the last set

Decline bench- 2258
Incline DB- 70s
6 hate these… my upper chest sucks
HS chest press- 75 each side8
Cable crossover- 30

Straight bar pushdown- 7012
CGB from pens- 185
3… these were brutal. I was smoked
Deadstop skulls- 706
OH incline rope extensions- 40
8 crazy name I know, but awesome exercise

Standing calf raise- 3pps13
Seated calves- 100


Pullover machine- 1108
Wide-grip pulldown- 180
8, 2105
Bent-over row (Yates style)- 185
Machine row, emphasizing rhomboids, upper/middle traps- 1408
Rack pulls, knee height-315

Alternate hammer curl- 508
Barbell curl- 105
DB preacher curl- 30s8
DC forearm curl- 20
10,9… saw a video of Dante doing these and had to try it… awesome

Ab pulldown- stack310

Really starting to focus on feeling on the muscles work (controlled negatives, squeeze the contraction) and I’ve seen a huge difference.
Focus on the contraction > moving the weight… so obvious but its still important to remind myself.


Rear delt machine- 120 I think?8
DB seated shoulder press- 60s
7 I freakin hate these. Will probly switch to standing or seated barbell presses
Seated side laterals- 25s9
Cable laterals- 2nd pin
10,8 each arm
Bent over rear delt raises- 15s*12,12

DB shrugs- 100s*15,12

Standing calves- 3pps16
Seated- 100


Leg curl- 907
Front squat- 190
Leg press- 3pps 10s12
Leg extension- 80
DB SLDL- 80s*7

Pulldown abs-80212

Leg curls before squats = best protocol ever for leg training. Thank you Mr. Meadows!


Flat bench- 2055… trying to feel the pecs work on these while still being easy on the shoulders
Incline DB- 70s
HS chest press- 90 each side5… don’t know why I went up this much here, still a good set though I guess
Pec dec- 80
12,12,10 just to get some blood in the area

Straight bar pushdown- 809
CGB from pins- 185
PJR pullover- 609
“Justin Harris” extensions- 50

Standing calves- 3pps 25s12
Seated- 50


Machine pullover- 1109
Wide grip pulldown- 180
8 ehh…
Bent over row- 1908
Machine row- 160
7… will probably do these 312 next time
Rack deadlift- 365
4 this was dumb. Lol. I got it fairly easy, but it was NOT pretty, nor was retracting at the top, etc. as well

Alt hammer curl- 50s7 or 8 can’t remember
BB curl- 95
6… started to get a bit sloppy with these last week, so I dropped the weight back and controlled the weight more with less body English
DB preachers- 25s12,12,8
DC forearm curl-20

Leg day! Might as well include warmups

Leg curl- 5010, 708, 9010
Front squat- 95
10, 1358, 1851, 1956
Leg press- 1pps 25s
10, 2pps 25s8, 3pps 25s10
Leg extension- 9012,12,12
DB SLDL- 40s
10, 65s*12 pussed out here. I was gassed. The gym was about 95 degrees and crowded. I felt like Ronnie… half of Ronnie. YEEEAAHHH BUUUDDDDAYYYY

Good day. Long day at work beforehand but I still had a good session.

It would also be awesome if I knew how to rotate pictures on here lol. I freakin hate Windows 8.

Chest/Tris/Calves from yesterday

Bench- 9510, 1358, 1851, 2058
Incline DB- 3010, 508, 755
HS Chest- 25s
10, 45s*, 70 per side10… much better than last week
Pec Dec- 100
10, 9010, 8010

Pushdown w/ EZ bar- 4010, 608, 859
CGB from pins- 95
10, 1358, 1854 eh…
PJR pullover- 2010, 408, 6010
Harris extensions- 50

Machine leg press calves- 12012, 14012, 16015?
Seated calves- 50

Back/Bis today

Machine pullover- 6010, 908, 1208
WG pulldown- 90
10, 1408, 1907
Bent over row- 9510, 1458, 1956
Rack pull @ knee- 335
10 much better
“Stretchers”- 5010, 10010, 90*9 decided to try these… okay movement. Hit the lats really well though

Alt hammer curls- 25s10, 50s10
BB curls- 4510, 959
DB preacher curls- 1510, 3010
DC forearm curl- 3 sets


Bent over rear delt raises- 15s15,15,15
BB OHP- 45
10, 858, 1158 embarrassingly light, been away from this lift for awhile though
Seated side laterals- 10s10, 20s8, 30s6 super strict
Cable side delts- 20
10,8 followed by 30 Meadows side delt swings w/ 45s
Incline bench rear delt swings- 25s30, 30s20

Trap bar shrugs- 1pps10, 2pps8, 3pps*13
**was going to do db shrugs as well, but I was shot

Machine leg press calves- 12010, 1808, 24013
Seated calves- 60

Quick leg day today… the gym was extremely crowded and I was in a hurry

Leg curls- 5010, 708, 1008
Front squat- 95
10, 1358, 1851, 2054
Split squats (DB in one hand, other on a support)- bw
10, 408, 707

Done. Didn’t get a lot of work in but I hit what I needed to and got out.

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Remember those who gave it all to keep us free.


Bench- 2154
Incline DB- 75
Dips- bw 455
Pec Dec- 120

Straight bar pushdown- stack didn’t have weights listed so I just ramped to a tough set of 8-10. No idea on weight
PJR pullover- 708
OH DB extension- 60

Leg press calves- 26014
Seated calves- 120


Machine pullover-1306
WG pulldown- 190
BB row- 1958
Rack pull @ knee- 365
Cable row- whatever*10

Alt hammer curl- 50s11
BB curl- 100
DB preacher curl- 35*7

Leg raises- 212
Ab pulldowns- 2


Not much even worth mentioning today other than 120 for 8 on the overhead press… and that’s not worth mentioning either. Lol I need to get my shoulder training figured out ASAP

Won’t be able to get much training in this weekend, so of course I decided to finish the week with some armzzz.

BB curls- 4510, 658, 856, 1056
Alt DB curls- 20s12, 30s10, 40s8, 50s5
DB preachers- 25*12,12,12

Close grip bench- up to 1858
PJR pullover- 50
Rope pushdowns

I decided to use these first few days of the week to see where my strength levels are at and I was pleasantly surprised.


Bench- up to 255 for a single PR!
CGB- 1858,6
Chest supported rows- up to 2 plates
OHP- 1154
Pullups- 8,6,5
BB curls- 95

Pretty awesome day of training. A little random, but I felt like I got some serious work in.


Leg curl- up to 1106
Front squat- up to 225
1, then decided to switch to back squats
Worked up to 275 for an easy single, but it just didn’t feel good at all. Back squatting never seems natural to me
Deadlift from floor- hit 405 for a smooth single, all time PR for me and a milestone I’ve wanted to hit for a long time. I honestly think I could be good for another 20-30 lbs
Weighted decline sit-ups- 25*12,12,12

I will try to post up a video of the deadlift at some point, my hips shot up a bit and I’m sure someone could critique it for me

Congratulations on the 405lb deadlift, man. Next stop: 500 club! And definitely post that video.