Annual Tough Guy Race

I’m tired from just watching that. Looks damn fun though! Get a few beers in me and I’d give it a go.

I just did Tough Guy 2009 and was taken out due to 3rd stage hypothermia. I was 23 ft away from finishing it.

It was the coldest day, Tough Guy ever experienced in its 24 years, mid-20s, windchill of -8 and water was -10. Whooooooo

I’m going back next year to complete the damn course!

I really want to do that now. Look like a lot of fun.

What’s so hard about it?

I assume the water is freezing cold, but other then that it just looks like an long obstacle course.

I saw a documentary about a group of guys who meet every year at some remote camp site. They divide into teams and there are several challenges involving chugging beer and some sort of physical challenge. It was something like chug two beers to start the day. Run a mile up hill, chug a beer and run back down and chug a beer. Grab a log and run up stream a quarter of a mile and chug a beer and then you partner has do take it back down stream and chug a beer. It looked absolutely brutal. Has anyone else seen this? It was Spike or Discovery.