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Arg…I just have to blow off a little steam with this latest ridiculousness in the gym…

Luckily I had been warned it was going to happen, but it was still annoying nonetheless.

My dad had told me a trainer (bodybuilder dude) at my gym said my squat’s form is “terrible.”

Great, coming from a guy who doesn’t even squat, I must be fucking terrible!

Anyways, this fool comes up to me and has the balls to tell me box squats are keeping me back from hitting the “big numbers” on squat. I told him I am following a Westside style lifting program, and asked if he had ever heard of it, and of course, the answer was a resounding “no.” But he did have tons of advice for me to get stronger in a much “safer” way, since box squats are going to apparently kill my back and joints. (As and aside, my joints feel better than ever, despite doing - or perhaps because of doing - heavy, 12 inch box squats). He said box squats don’t help my deadlift, so I should be only squatting occasionally, without a box, and should do some insane program where I deadlift for 8 weeks straight, doing a speed day and a max effort day…Now, from reading up on elitefts.com, and learning for myself, anything more than about 3 weeks of dling kills me and I start losing strength…so, apparently, I should do it for 5 more weeks after the 3, so I can lose strength…yay!!!

Hmm, what else was there? Oh, apparently he wants me to do some sort of half power clean thing that is supposed to help both my DL and my squat…And I should do a clean, jerk and press and consecutive squat thing (all in one motion) and that will make everything strong. Now, maybe that’s a great exercise, but I know that my wrists and shoulders are not gonna be able to do more than about 95 lbs, so how exactly am I going to get stronger by doing them??

Oh - I should stop benching with my feet on the floor too. By putting my feet on the bench, I am only using the “necessary” muscles for a bench, and I will get stronger. Maybe that’s true, maybe it isn’t, but most of the fools I see doing that are weaker than me, and I only have a 300lb raw bench. Also, I don’t really think having my feet on the bench is the safest thing in the world to do is it? What if I screw up my lift and drop the bar? With my feet off the floor, I have no stable base and I could easily fall off and seriously injure myself. Feet on the floor, as long as I have a decent spotter, I will minimize any possible injury. At least, thats just my common sense kicking in.

Bah - I’m starting to ramble, but its just so annoying getting powerlifting advice from someone who doesn’t even powerlift! I think he just wants me to pay for his personal training service or something…

Do we go to the same gym? :slight_smile:

Funniest thing I heard lately - some kid was squatting 135 for about 8 reps in the rack next to me - grimacing and grunting all the way. I was setting up to do 405, did 2 reps as planned and I heard him telling his friend - “that guys only doing 2 reps, but I’m doing 8!”

haha - nice!

well, 135 X 8 =1080, but 405 X 2 only equals 810, so cumulatively, he did more! hahahaha


Well Jason I must say that this trainer is definately qualified to train you since all of his clients I have seen are all powerlifters. Oh wait a minute, these so called client powerlifters are just every day people being trained by a fairly cut up trainer. Now they just want to look good, so he may know what he is talking about when dealing with them, however he has no up to date experience and knowledge in dealing with powerlifting. As the good old Military phrase goes “He should stay in his lane!”

i bench with my feet off the floor and off the bench. been doing that for a while now and have gained a ton in strength and don’t really care to bench with my feet on the floor anymore. then again i train for speed, power, and balance. could care less about ‘bodybuilding’. fyi i do sets with 225-275. just my 2 cents.