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Am I the only person that gets really really annoyed when people start messages with the word ‘So’??


‘So I went to the shop the other day’ - why use so??

Its not big, its not clever and its just pathetic…stop trying to be cool.
Sorry guys/gals but it winds me up!!
Phewee, rant over…

Doesn’t bother me. But those guys who use “ur” instead of “you are” or “your” drive me nuts. I stop reading when I see that. I hope they’re just lazy and not that stupid.

You’re to uptight, calm down…

sorry, just having some fun Patricia :slight_smile:

So…Dont you get annoyed when people get annoyed over the dumbest things?? GET OVER IT!

So what are you trying to say?

So…I was at the gym right…and like, this chic was really gettin’ her groove on with the Smith Machine, and I was like…‘DUDE! check her out’…so…my friend kinda bent over to enjoy the pleasure of viewing her perky ass, so…, he was like ‘Damn! I wanna piece of that I need to get laid!!!’ So I guess I understand where you are comin from!

I find it more annoying when people keep saying “you know” in almost every sentence.

So, Billy Bob I believe the issues with your sheep in the backyard take precedent over this. Tell Daisy Duke hello, and gosh darn dont forget Gomer either. Shit wheres my gun Martha, hell another of them thair colored people is walking down the road again. Get a fucking life!!! Oh, hell i bet you don’t like the word fucking. So, just trying to be cool. Get them grits on the table Ma. So, whats up? shit I did it again. SO FUCKING WHAT

So maybe you have OCD ? :slight_smile:

Kinda like the word - “essentially” does it actually mean anything :-@

So no more then? I hate it when people say prolly instead of probably. But whatcha gonna do bout it? When people start out with so, it reminds me of the drunk guy with all the stories at every bar in the world. “So Im at this bar, talking to this guy when all of a sudden…”

This is thread was already dumb but Naked Man just raised the level of dumbness.