Annoying Vital Herbal Spam Bots

There seems to be a number of posters who hardly ever contribute, and when they do - they only post generalized content and somehow always manage to squeek in a Vital Herbal plug. @Mods, can we do something about these dudes? I’m all for plugging good products, but this is clearly nonsense unless you specifically trust Testosterone Supplements with Rhinos on them :roll_eyes:

Yes, I’m calling you out @Benjaminn, @anon93533489 (banned I assume) and @anon27747776. Front Squats at dawn.


Outstanding. Were you around for that? You must have been like 16?

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Negative, but im aware of the lore as I’m a student of historically important happenings :joy:


It was legendary. I had just started looking at the site to read CT articles, and definitely didn’t ask questions or anything on the forum. Both dudes were big, strong and frequent posters. Then they got into the argument, both front squatted huge weights and proved it, and the loser actually kept his word and bailed (our loss, but impressive principle). Talk about setting a tone for those of us just starting to read this stuff!

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Well, I’m banking on these spam bots not being able to front squat anything because my 1RM Front Squat is garbage lol.

I’ll back squat 4 plates, but front squat is like Back Squats+BDSM and it’s just not my flavor.

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I think it’s a safe gamble

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Thank you for this. We appreciate it.

We’ve banned too many to count over the last few months. This is by far the least fun version of Whac-A-Mole.

Thanks again!