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Annoying Shoulder Pain

Recently, I’ve been getting pain in my glenohumeral joint. It’s between my front deltoid and pectoral. It’s a mild, but annoying pain and occurs when I retrieve something (ie-reach for my keys and when I retrieve my keys that’s when the mild pain presents itself). It began last night when reaching over for a book.

I’ve been doing proper warm ups/prehab exercises since the beginning of this summer (sleeper stretch, thoracic extension w/ foam roller, scat push ups, wall slides)
I’ve recently switched over to a 3X’s per week whole body routine.
Each training session would look something like this:

-Back Squat (5X5)
-BB Bench Press (4X6)
-Chin Ups (4X6)
-Sumo Deadlift (3X8)
-DB Rows (3X8)
-Dips (3X8)

I would alternate it w/ Front Squat, Regular Deadlifts, DB shoulder Presses, DB incline press
…My best guess for the pain is from Bench Pressing more often and training when sore (i’ve trained on sore days, but never resulted in any pain)

I’m 20 yrs old and thought this would be the best place to ask for advice about my shoulder pain b/c this forum seems to be the most knowledgeable about topics of this nature…Please school this young “newbie” on maintaining good shoulder health.

I’ll bite.

Back off on the pressing exercises until you know that you are doing them correctly. (no insult intended) Most people do not keep their shoulder blades squeezed together while benching, keeping a good arch and over extending on the lift at top for example.

Need to do facepulls, scarecrows and rear shoulder work alot. This can be compensatated with bent over rows but most people cheat those too.

and your pain sounds like a sensitive/slight torn Labrum to me.

Go slow on all exercises and reduce the weight- ice after lifting and heat before. Beware stretching said area before proper warm up.

BTW what are your lifts to judge how far advanced you are ?

ps: on dips watch form and do not go below parralel unless your shoulders are loose to begin with.
pps: I would go to upper/lower routine done 3 days a week like on M-W-F routine. You need rest.

Thanks Fischer, that gives me a better idea of what I should be doing now.

I remember reading and pretty much studying Dave Tate’s video & article about proper bench. I got much better on my bench press in weight & form and followed “Sheiko Shakes Up Powerlifting” routine during the summer…BUT when i switched to a whole body training session 3x’s per week, I became an idiot and went away from the proper way to bench and started benching like any other person in the gym…I did this b/c it was difficult to follow Dave Tate’s proper method of bench pressing when going for reps…my bench form at least contributed to my shoulder injury, if not the primary cause.

I’m 20 yrs old
160 lbs
5Feet 8 Inches

Bench Press: 250 lbs
Back Squat: 300 lbs
Deadlift: 405 lbs

Bicep Tendonisis?

Google it - plenty oof rehab stuff out there…

Ultimately; use eccentric exercises and stretch the bicep lots.

Fisher’s advice is solid, as usual…his tips have helped me too.

I might chime in a few thing that helped me
take a look at the mobility sticky- not my work just things I found/use.

I took a look at my form-via friends. generally it was bad/counter productive-
changed that.
added lots and lots of dislocates,
facepulls and y,l,t,etc
there is a protocol or two ytlwi or lypt that has helped me lots.

switching most bb work to db has helped so has using the neutral grip/palms facing
for db bench seems to alleviate allot.