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Annoying Problem, Order Seized


so like many, my only "source" was online. I am canadian and I was well aware that I was risking not getting my orders across the border. well what do ya know? out of my 3 orders only 2 of them made it through (the 1st and 3rd one strangely enough). There must be other people here who get their stuff online, and have run into this problem...

what i'm wondering is, if i tried to order again from a different company, will it definitely be seized at the border now that they have already seized one? like has my name been red flagged or something? or is it still the same chances as before? I'm going to have to make another order seeing how the price of gear here is 4x what it is online, I am wondering if I should ship my order to a different name and address. Thank you


If your provider has a reship policy for seized orders I would suggest you send them a copy of the notice and change your address.


Most sources won't reship to Canada or Australia because their customs are so notoriously tight. I would try to get a new address if I were you


they do have a reship policy, but like overstand said they won't reship to Canada. I figured since they laws on anabolics are MUCH less strict in Canada than the US that it would be no problem getting stuff through, so thank you overstand, now I understand why they wont reship.

I know a guy who I can get stuff from locally, however for the price of one 10CC bottle of test, instead I can get both bottles of test that I need PLUS all the arimidex I need online. I am in University right now and money is an issue.

what would you guys do, use a (willing) family members name and address instead? or pay twice as much for the test locally and then get the adex from a chem research site?

one more question, if I buy adex from a chem research site, can it still be seized at customs? or is it legal to import? I could possibly find a site in canada, would this help my chances of recieving the arimidex?


I'd feel really bad if I somehow got friends or family in trouble, I know it's a small risk but still..In the US we have P.O. boxes/UPS boxes that you can buy for really cheap, like $30 for 6 months.


you will be redflagged.
I know this because I am :slightly_smiling: now everything goes to 3 different addresses, your address is flagged if they get more then 1 or more (usually 2 siezures)


Dbol, PM me.