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Annoying People at the Gym

My gym in the last year has lowered it’s price by half and of course this has attracted all kinds of new people and at the price it’s at now it also attracts the kind of people you don’t want in your gym. I never really had issues at my gym until this price change brought in these annoying people with no gym manners what so ever.

The gym is a constant mess and you cannot kind dumbbells or plates that easily these days because those people don’t put their weights away and they leave machines all loaded up.

But I have 2 cases lately that really pissed me off.

  1. I had just moved to the Hammer Strength Incline Press machine and put my drink bottle down and bag down at the machine and loaded a couple of plates up then walked over to weight tree 3 meters away to grab 2 more plates I needed and turned around find some guy trying unload what I had put on (I had my back turned for 5 seconds max) and start yelling at him hey I’m using that and he flat out ignores me. I get back at the machine and ask what he is doing and he is like oh sorry I’m using this machine and I said no I was here first and he just walked off and I had to reload the machine.

If he actually asked me if he could work in with me I would have let him because I always let people work in with me.

  1. The 2nd case all the benches were taken in the gym (3 of them had people just sitting on them curling ffs, curlers are another bad problem in my gym) so I waited a bit to see if one became free. One of curlers stood up and put his dum bells down so I was in there and asked if he was finished with the bench and he is like no and goes and grabs an ezcurl bar. I’m like ok sweet as “how many sets ya got left with the bench” and he is like “10” wtf. Then I ask if I can work in with him on the bench and he is like No and I swear I was about to smack this guy for being such an arse, he shouldn’t have been curling on it in the first place. Luckily at this point another bench became free. To make thinks worse the guy only did 3 sets (not 10) of skull crushes on the bench and left the gym after that. He was some noob doing an “arms day”. I haven’t seen him since luckily.

1 of the reasons 1 train at home

How’d the owner act when you told him about all of this? Offer you a discount or something?

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I just joined a new gym, new to me. It’s more of a muscle head gym with lunks that drop their weights…in other words, it’s a real gym with people lifting heavy. I mistakenly thought a machine was free, didn’t realize a guy was supersetting. I finished a set and he was walking towards me. I figured out I had jumped his spot and apologized and he said, “no problem, we can both work in.” That never would have happened at my old gym.

So i was at the gym and wanted to use the hammer strength incline press but some asshole left plates loaded on it which is a common occurence at my gym. I unloaded it and was in the middle of my first set when some guy starts yelling at me about how he was using the machine. I finished my set and blew him off because he is a jerk that doesnt know how to communicate effectively.


I know this isn’t the right place, but how has your training been?

Did you finish the Beach Body program? Did you get big traps?

My gym sounds a lot like yours. A HUGE problem with curlers. They bring in these enormous bags full of stones with handles attached to them, and they just dump them out everywhere and start sliding them around on the floor. And then there’s the brooms. SO MANY BROOMS. Everywhere I look, there’s a broom sitting on a bench, or on a weight tree. Even in the squat rack! One time I was like ‘Bro, can you move your broom out of the squat rack?’ And the dude told me “fuck off, the gym is for curlers!” I was so pissed off.

So one day, I told the gym owner about my problems. I also asked him why the entire floor of the gym was covered in a sheet of ice. He gave me a funny look, and asked me if I was an insane person. I’ve haven’t been back to the gym since then.


Damn. I thought that this was a “How To” thread.

Anyways, my favorite technique for annoying people at the gym is to critique their form unsolicited, ending it with “and that’s why you’re a lot bigger than me, but pound for pound I’m way stronger…”.

Hey i did. We stopped trainig for the winter and are about to start back up again. I’m on week 8 of Dr.John Rusin’s Functional Hyptertrophy program. Weighing 212-215ish and somewhat lean hoping to shed 10-15lbs when we start boxing and wrestling. The first couple weeks won’t be fun getting back into condition.

Using the bench press to do ab exercises. This has definitely become the new curling in the squat rack.

“How many sets do you have left?”
"I’m doing the rule of 50"
“What’s that?!?”
“Psssh newb”