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Annoying Nutritionists

Over the weekend, I was talking to this girl who was going to school to be a doctor. She proudly told me that I should be eating 60% C, 30% F, 10% P. I was good and didn’t argue with her. (She was cute, and I thought I had a chance…)

I’ve mentioned beofre about my Chemistry friend who claims to have studied nutrition extensively in school and tells me the articles I write are complete crap. If I try to discuss it with her she gets mad.

The fact is that both of them did study nutrition in school, and that since I haven’t then I must not know what I’m talking about.

Sometimes it’s better to not argue. If people see you are making progress, they may start to ask what you are doing, and may actually believe you.

its a viscious cycle to say the least! Timbo hit it right on the head! What your girlfriend is saying is true in that it applies to most “sedentary” or average people. You obviously are NOT an average person. Your goals are more towards athletics, body comp, etc…so hopefully she realizes that! If she thinks that body builders can gain ANY muscle on only 69 grams of protein a day, then she is sadly mistaken!!! Have her read 'Protein Prejudice" by JB.

Stella and Elveneyes…“dump her and find yourself a t-vixen” “find a girl who will eat a steak”…that is just classic. I am in love with you two…haha.

You should see the size of the teachers who teach these nutrition classes! Not many are in good shape.

Yes what they are teaching is focused on non-athletic people.

Jeff Rage,
I’m in the same boat as you. I have a friend who is a girl (VERY cute I might add…looks ALOT like Amanda Peet)…anyways, she is pre-med and has studied nutrition extensively in school…and she came out with the classic…“you eat too much protein, it is dangerous” line. Well, I might not be pre-med, but I did study nutrition in school (I have a health education degree)…but I am smart enough to realize that pretty much ALL the stuff you learn in school is geared towards the “average” person and not to people like those that come here on t-mag. It is very frustrating…cause I get sick a tired of people telling me that my diet is dangerous. Meanwhile, I dont look like a pile of poop and the lard ass who is telling me my diet is wrong is exactly that…A LARD ASS! (not my friend though…she is pretty good lookin…haha).

To all you people out there who study nutrition and learn stuff like has been put in this thread

do one thing

Find a decent fuckin university.

Thanks for the ideas everyone. I’ll be sure to keep them in mind…especially yours Zev. She’s in finals right now so she’s a bit edgy and I don’t want to fill her head with any more information…even if mine is correct. It’s good to see that not everyone buys into what those fat nutritionists are saying.

Isn’t it funny how there are more and more nutrition aids out there, more and more companies to help, more and more products made by these people and more and more books but we still have to deal with the most obese children the world has ever known. Go figure.

Feel free to send me an email and I’ll send you an article covering 4 big nutrition myths (all referenced); at least you wont have to talk…just hand her an article to read. Debate is frustrating.


if i had a girlfriend who was a nutritionist, i would make sure she supplemented her protein w/ blowing me. after all, id only be looking out for her health.


Only the person w/ the crappiest useless degree or went to the crappiest college would say something like degrees are worthless. They’re not worthless. If you did your best, you got something out of college. The people who succeeded without college degrees are RARE. Most people who never went to college aren’t the most successful people in the world. In addition, I met some of the smartest people when I was in college, not to mention great professors I still keep in touch with.

And if you say that college degrees are worthless one more time (cuz my degree kicks your degree’s ass), I’m gonna have to clean and press and dump you across the gym.

I got Stella’s back on that one. I worked damn hard for my degrees, I was in school full time and holding down two jobs and I am PROUD of those pieces of paper.
I will qualify that with saying that I know some people who have done very well without a degree. The reality is they are the exception. The entire process of even making it to graduation proves a lot of diligence and stick-to-it-iveness that is lacking in so many people.

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