Annoying Injury, Looking For Advice

I acquired this annoying little pain doing something that I knew I shouldn’t have been doing, so it sucks even more. I didn’t have the availability of a squat rack, and i wouldn’t for quite some time… so i decided to squat on the SMITH machine, thinking that it was better to squat heavy on the smith than not squat at all for that time period. Unfortunately, after squatting deep for maybe a month medium-stance on that beast I have this little pain to the right of my groin. The pain is activated when I: squat with a wide stance and reach parallel, or if I am sitting parallel with my chest bent to my knees and i bring my knees together.

I immediately stopped squatting for over a month, and started again on a real squat rack i constructed with a narrow stance that didn’t activate the pain too much. Unfortunately, it hasn’t really improved much, and here I just had to stop my squats for today because of that pain becoming a little bit too scary to continue.
The pain seems to be coming from a tendon that’s right in-between my groin and my leg, it runs down my leg maybe an inch and a half.

I was wondering if any of you have had a similar experience. I’m trying to avoid the trouble of finding and actually getting in to see a good sports doctor, as it’s actually pretty complicated in my area. If this persists, however, i’ll be forced to do just that.

I have a suspicion that it was a sprain caused by a flexibility issue. Again: Has anyone had a problem similar to this?